Product list fields/ CPQ

This echos similar posts. The current product lists are too basic, and we need the ability to customize, and would like to see a few other features:


1) Flexible pricing - we'd like to be able to store default pricing, as well as pre-negotiated rates. E.g. Default price = $1500. Customer A rate = $1000, Customer B rate = $1200, and keep that information stored, etc. 

2) Floor price - lowest price a salesperson can offer without being granted additional approval. We'd ideally like to be able to initiate that internal approval process straight through the quote we're generating. 


We'd also like to be able to enter data related to stock:

1) In Stock? (If yes -> Quantity in stock) (If no-> expected availibility date) (this field should a be time stamped for "last updated")

2) Production time

3) Product location (we have numerous factories and offices)

4) Backordered? (check box)


Then there are all sorts of other fields we'd need to add like product number, material, optional add-ons, etc. 


Ultimately, we'd like the product list to serve as a configure-price-quote function.


I've mentioned this in another ticket, but for the quotes to be usable for us, they need to be more customizable and give us more flexibility to input and price products.

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