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Product attributes

Having the ability to add product attributes that would pull up different pricing would allow us to keep our product library so much cleaner. 


Right now, you need to create multiple versions of the same product to account for the different attributes. 


Functionality available is quite basic and limits our ability to effectively use quotes. End up just using excel instead!

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I would love to have the option to add varients to products (size, colour etc.) for use by sales and finance employees.

Currently I need to create (in one example) 20 of the same product, for each size available. Not only is this invonenient in terms of my time, it also makes the product library gigantic and hard to sort through.


I want to put this fourth as a request to the dev team. If anyone else feels the same, please vote this post up. Thanks

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We'd love to see some additional controls around the attributes stored at the product level, ideally in the form of templates for product types/categories.


Some of our products are subscription-based so have "start dates" and "end dates", others have additional data stored about the specific event/service/solution being provided, which are not relevant for others.


One of the limitations we see is that having to show all fields on creation/update means that it becomes overly complex for users, so we have to reduce functionality or risk incomplete usage.


Dear Hubspot,


Could you kindly consider a new feature request to incorporate multi volume tiered pricing on products and quotations.  We have multiple products  each having multi-tiered pricing based on volume ordered.  For example, Product A has $100 for 1-100, $80 for 101-500, $60 for 500+. 


We understand the only current way to do this is to setup multiple products per pricing tier (ie Product A - $100, Product A - $80 etc).  Unfortunately this is not suitable as we have 10 pricing tiers per product.


Could you kindly consider this going forward.


Many thanks



The ability to create a product with different pricing.

For example, product A can be $1, $2, or $3 depends on the level of pricing 


yes, need pricelists per product to be associated with Customer. For a manufacturer/oem like us, you have channel partners, enduser all at different price points. 


The ability for products to have independent attributes as a drop-down or multi-select field would be a game-changer for us! Its really the only thing holding us back right now from using products and line items for our process.