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We have products that have discount levels and it would be great to be able to enter a discount tier like 10% or 25% and also including custom discounting for specific deals

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Great idea!  Here is how we would like the functionality to be upgraded:


1 - Use a percentage discount instead of a dollar discount

2 - Select from several drop-down pre-defined options for the discount

3 - Automatically require approvals of certain people for certain levels of discount

4 - Select a discount on a per line item or per product class basis (different discounts for different line items)

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For quoting, this is an absolute Must-Have. 🙂


In Software sales, where we leverage channel sales we need to provide different discounts per line item based on the partner level and SKU selected. IE, selling a Firewall, the Hardware has a specific cost and so does the annual subscription associated with it. We are selling this through a partner like CDW-G and they normally get 25% Margin on Subscription but only 10% Margin on the Hardware. It's frustrating to calcualte it all out and then expalain it in the Discount line.

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We need discounting based on volume; we have fixed discounts which get applied at 5,10 and 25 units. 

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Hi, Honestly I thought that it could be possible by adding a property in Deals that it is a %, so you enter the number of discount % and then you have the result, because each client has a level of discount so I cannot alterate the price on the product configuration.


I will have to use a property explaining the % of discount and calculating manually. Because we have many products to create a new product for each %.


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I agree with Maltonite. Our pricing is discounted based on quantity (number of seats in our case). We'd need to tiered pricing based on this. It would be a huge value add if we could store our pricing schedule in HubSpot.

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I like to chip in on this as well. We want discounts to be listed as separate lines on our quotes. For better readability, but also because we give discounts on the whole deal, not on a specific product. We already tried creating a product with a negative value, or with a positive value with negative amount. Both are impossible to do. Since it seems this is only added as validation, I hope it would also be quite easy to allow.

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We have to be able to create pricing tiers of products that are based on the base product and then have a calculated discount. For example, the base product costs $125 per unit but over 500 units there is a 10% discount, over 1000 units, there is  a15% discount. While I can create a hack by having multiple products with their own hard-coded price, this means we will manually have to alter every single product price if we ever change our base pricing.  So what is needed is a product price field that can be calculated: instead of hard-coding, we need to be able to do a calculation based on another product's price. So the price for 500 Units will say (90% * Base Price) or (Base Price-(10%*Base Price)) 

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We need to be able to present discounts in several ways;


1. On a given product / service (line by line on the quote).  So each product would have a cost price, a list price and a discounted price.  We want to show the savings on the quote.


2. Overall discount of the sub-total (10, 20, 30% etc.)


3. By adding in a specific redcution value (-£2,000, -£4,500 etc.)

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I think this would be very beneficial!

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It's crazy that you can't do this as standard Hubspot sort it out 🙂 

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"Use a percentage discount instead of a dollar discount".