Product Price Discount Levels

We have products that have discount levels and it would be great to be able to enter a discount tier like 10% or 25% and also including custom discounting for specific deals

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Great idea!  Here is how we would like the functionality to be upgraded:


1 - Use a percentage discount instead of a dollar discount

2 - Select from several drop-down pre-defined options for the discount

3 - Automatically require approvals of certain people for certain levels of discount

4 - Select a discount on a per line item or per product class basis (different discounts for different line items)

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For quoting, this is an absolute Must-Have. Smiley Happy


In Software sales, where we leverage channel sales we need to provide different discounts per line item based on the partner level and SKU selected. IE, selling a Firewall, the Hardware has a specific cost and so does the annual subscription associated with it. We are selling this through a partner like CDW-G and they normally get 25% Margin on Subscription but only 10% Margin on the Hardware. It's frustrating to calcualte it all out and then expalain it in the Discount line.

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We need discounting based on volume; we have fixed discounts which get applied at 5,10 and 25 units. 

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Hi, Honestly I thought that it could be possible by adding a property in Deals that it is a %, so you enter the number of discount % and then you have the result, because each client has a level of discount so I cannot alterate the price on the product configuration.


I will have to use a property explaining the % of discount and calculating manually. Because we have many products to create a new product for each %.


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I agree with Maltonite. Our pricing is discounted based on quantity (number of seats in our case). We'd need to tiered pricing based on this. It would be a huge value add if we could store our pricing schedule in HubSpot.