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When setting up products in Product Library one of the configurable options is "Term Length".  This is great except your Product Team only thought to allow two options - Month or Year. 

What about all of the companies in the world that sell services, training, etc. which is sold on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis (ex. 2 day product training)?  This is a serious oversight. 


I would be great if you would add the hours, days, and weeks to the drop down options right away.

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I agree!  There are many of us that work in hours and weeks and not just months.  I agree this is a serious oversight and one that should be very easy to fix.

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I agree on this point of adding hours and it is possible to include until 4 years for the term of the contract?

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This would be a much-appreciated addition to Products. My team would like to be able to configure a"Trial" product for shorter than 1 month, but that term length is not currently an option. Would love to see this changed!

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Implementing this functionality should be a quick, low-effort item for the development team, but the impact for users would be huge, as the current implementation makes Products/Quotes essentially unusable for any one-off or non-monthly recurring products.

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Ditto on this! I would also love to be able to have one product with multiple lengths attached to it or a projected timeframe that is certain.


For one client, a project may be a two week engagement and for another it may be six. Regardless, it's the exact same product and I don't want to tie it down to one explicit term length or build a bunch of the same at different lengths.

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+1 here for us. We are in the education sector and offer degree and certification programs. All of our programs are positioned in terms of weeks, it would be great to add this flexibility. 

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100% agreed.

This should be easy enough Hubspot to do, and I'm certain it will be taken care of in a very short amount of time.

(it's already been almost a year since this idea was posted, so yes I'm joking) Hubspot doesn't move fast on anything.

Still can't even sync with Google contacts, I don't think they really care about these ideas guys, they say they do but they really don't.

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I agree. This is a straightforward option to add to the product library. I do a lot of work hourly, or on short retainer. 

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We integrated Hubspot with our backend to be able to manage our software licenses activation and deactivation directly from the Hubspot deal. This is why it would be great to have more flexibility on the Term Length of the product within the deal section. If "daily" and "weekly" options could be added to the current "monthly" and "yearly" options, it would be great. For even more flexibility the best solution would be to have a "Start date" & "End date" custom date field as well as a "recurrence type". 

Screenshot 2019-10-23 at 12.52.08.png



daily, or weekly basis is important for us.

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Hubspot this shoule be easy to do.  Lots of requests for this but no repsonse.  Hello???

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Agreed, we would also need this simple solution - very surprised to see it is not available. We are a hotel operator and we sell products (rooms) on a nightly basis. A minimum stay of 1 month is very restrictive.

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Hi team, sharing my customer's use case for the product team to look into! 


At the moment, the minimum recurring charge basis in HubSpot's product library is at a monthly level. However, for products like advertising, clients are charged at a weekly level instead. Some months are longer than others, so not all months are charged "equally". Hence charging a recurring fee on a weekly basis might make more sense in this case Smiley Happy

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This is a great idea, i've seen a similar request here... 



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Would very much support the addition of new time frames in the product library. We are an intermodal tank rental buisness and all contracts in the market are quoted on a per diem basis. Therefore having a daily timeframe in the recurring costs would open up this part of the system to us as well as Quotes.


Additionally on a related matter, though maybe it is a user set up issue, but having the term being used in the quote calculation would enhance the use of quotes as well. Currently I can only seem to get the rate to multiply by the number of units, but the true value of the quote wold be the rate multiplied by the units multiplied by the term.

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Absolutely agree. 

This system is a little inflexible at times.

We need to hire out products hourly, daily and weekly. I dont understand why this wouldn't be included.