[Problem] Data privacy & consent options - Unable to set own language

Looks like the language-option for Data privacy & consent options is automatically set based off the Date and number format on the Account Defaults page. This causes a strange issue to us:


HubSpot doesn't provide a Date and number format in Norwegian, so we have this set to our neighbor language - Swedish - as it's the closest to the format we use among the few options in the list.  We don't speak the Swedish language - however.


Due to the issue on the first sentence: This means that the GDPR setting (Data privacy & consent options) is automatically set to be displayed in the Swedish language (uh-oh...) ! Definitely not what we wanted to acomplish

(Sidenote thought: Why wasn't the language-setting being used to choose GDPR language instead of the date/time-setting? Hmm...)


There is an option to change it on the Data privacy & consent options page, but there is no save-button. So every time the page reloads the text is back to Swedish...



Anything that can be done about this? for now i'm staying far away from the whole Data privacy-stuff in HubSpot and deal with this manually as I'd rather not touch it and acciedentally send out some swedish text to our customers... 



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Hey @Kenrr, I was helping out an other customer with a similar issue and thought I'd comment here as well to help you or other users who come across this post. 


From my understanding the Data privacy and consent page is not for setting what language shows up everywhere, but for editing the defaults that are used in downstream applications like forms.


If the user is trying to create a form in Norwegian or Spanish, they need to change the form language to that. When they change the form language they should see the updated default text with the correct script.


Hope this helps Smiley Happy 

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Hi @Rbanga


Thanks for your reply. I struggle with the similar issue. 


We run our website also in the following languages which are not provided as default language options under settings > contacts & companies > privacy and consent:


  • Croatia
  • Russian
  • Slovakia
  • Turkish


Will those languages be available in HS as default language options? If yes, when? And if not, why not? 


I saw a former post on this topic, too. But this will not solve my problem:


I am in the central marketing team and I would like to set this up for the above countries as default option, so the local marketers do not have to edit the privacy and consent text everytime when a new form is being created. I also want to keep the privacy and consent text consistent for each language.