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As we're introducing more users at my company to using Hubspot CRM, we've encountered some pushback at utilizing the "Copy to CRM" email tool. It's very useful from a marketing and sales perspective, as it's filling in holes where we were previously missing customer emails, but people have questioned the relevancy of certain communcations on contact and deal records. Especially when a deal pulls in all recent emails to a particular company assocated with a deal.


What we'd like to see is the option to privatize the content of an email, either as an option when the user utilizes "Copy to CRM," or to limit viewing those contents to certain permission levels. So other users would see an email had been sent, but only a particular user and admin level users would be able to read the contents at any given time.

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I am seconding this and adding a few items:

  1. We should be able to set which contacts are private to a user (and therefore the information that is logged including emails).
  2. Ideally, you could have different permission levels other than just Admin and everyone else - that way you could have content available to, lets say the Executive Team, or a particular Sales Group, but not everyone else.
  3. Different Permission Levels should also allow fewer people to be made Admins, which would be better from an overall security standpoint.
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@jhochroth Great add-ons! This is definitely something that's of use to us as we're talking about bringing external Sales Reps into using our system, and we want to maintain a barrier between them and our internal team.


Hi, I totally agree with this.

It would be great to specify the privacy setting for emails or contacts that will be logged in the CRM. As some conversations & emails have to be confidential, it would be great to have a setting that tells Hubspot which emails to log and which not to log. For that, a "blacklist" of sorts could be a solution where all the companies & contacts are listed from which conversations should not be logged. Another way to do this would be to define a short code which can be added to the email in order to make it private, and thus not logged.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could implement a similar feature.

Thank you! Smiley Happy

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Along similar lines, it would be a valuable feature to be able to block specific people's emails from getting logged. We had a situation where someone messaged a personal issue to an HR employee and the entire thread got logged which was viewable by all HubSpot users.

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Yes please!