Private or hidden communication subscription type

It would be useful if it were possible to set up a subscription preference type which is private or could be hidden from everyone.


For example this could be used for an internal employee newsletter who would have a subscription category that cannot be signed up for by external people.  Or, if you have a specific group of customers who you want to sign up to a certain type of emails and therefore limit who would be able to access that subscription.

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We have partner and customer lists, etc that should not be open to the public.


It'd be nice to have lists which are only shown when you are subscribed to them, so you can remove if you want and we can manage invites/adding to the subscription internally.

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Totally agree! I bet tons of businesses would want this but actually don't realize that all the subscription types are exposed for anyone to signup for, so don't realize the issue. I didn't even realize the issue until I accidently discovered it. We have "internal" subscription types for various emails to internal employee groups and divisions. I didn't realize anyone subscribed to one of our other public facing subscriptions could see and subscribe to these. I am a bit baffeled that being able to better manage this kind of thing is not standard. 

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Need this badly. We want to have subscription types for partners, customer, and internal employees and those should not be open to the public.

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ANy ideas when this is this going to be available.  We  have  Members only content that we don't want the general public to be able to subscribe to, and we will manage the list membershi manually.

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Ya, looks like this thread is almost a year old, so I doubt they're in any rush to actually build out this functionality. 

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We need this feature as well

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Agreed! Just had a client ask for this!

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This is a great suggestion. I would love to have this for our email management 

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We need this now!

Any ideas as to when this will be available?  We got the CRM assumming that this was a standard feature only to find out well into the project that it cannot be done.

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Hubspot has gone MIA on this. I was sent to this "We want this built" area to "vote" for this capability months ago. It's such a a basic and foundational thing I don't understand why it's not standard in their product. For now, it looks like it will be a long time coming.