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Private content registration functionality needs attention.

The system needs to be smart enough to know if a user has set their password or not - and resend them the registration email if they try to register again. 


While this may not seem like a huge issue, we have experienced many problems with the current functionality. Both our cleint and their users are frustrated with the entire process.


1. If someone registers for a private content area of the site and comes back months later- they fogot they already registered - it doesn't recognize their email like a normal system would and tell them they already have a login. It just lets them fill out the form again and then never communicates anything. Terrible User Experience. 


2. The system allows them to submit a reset password form even if they never created a password in the first place. No communication. No reset password email. Nothing. Terrible User Experience. 


3. We were trying to use the private content functionality on 2 different subdomains - which act and look like entirely different websites.  This is not an option as the private content functionality only works on ONE DOMAIN.  You can have separate lists to gate access to the various areas, but the user has to tie together the fact that these 2 sites are the same domian and use the same login. Again, no communication to anyone. Just radio silence. Terrible User Experience. 

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Hi, I have these exact same problems, will outline my case: 


1. I need to have private content on multipe subdomains, today can only be on 1 (top)domain. As Melissa mentioned above I would need two completely different "sets", and all functionality duplicated. Today it says I can have different versions for different domains, but I only have 1 top domain (and I think we cannot have multiple top domains without paying for 2 accounts? - Or did I misunderstand something here?)  I'd like to be able to set upp different sets, only it has to be on different subdomains.  ( per   /subdomain  )

1B. I'd also like to be able to have the download & registration activity log set on full year or at least 6 months. Excel sheets separated per subdomain.


2. We also do have a lot of problems with the current registration process. Not sure how to fix it, but improved communications possibilities seems like a first step. I like the unique link, but it should be accessible for a button via a token, right now the functionality of my login in email is very limited (cannot have a button, just a supersmall hyperlink). More about this in my support inbox. 

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