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Private Projects

It would be great to have the ability to create private tasks/projects that no-one on the Team is able to see. I am using HubSpot for all of my to-do lists and some of them I personally wouldn't want shared with the Team. It may only apply to the person I am assigning it to. Having the ability to make it Private would be great.

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It would be nice to have a private project list and ability to setup lists shared between a manager and individual team member, in addition to shared public projects.

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 This is an essential thing which needs to be added.


I want to run our whole marketing team on projects including personal task lists and some of them will be private.


Please implement this asap Smiley Happy

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Yes, Its essential!!!

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Our team usually has around 50 projects running at any one time so having to scroll through a list this big won't make finding one very easy. It would be great that when assigning project members to a certain project, that it was only visible to them. This would shorten the list that was visible to each person.


Also, the ability to search in 'all projects' like you can in 'project templates', which is great!


I'd love to see these features implemented, it would make it so much more user-friendly. Smiley Happy

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I would definately like to see more features under projects. This one would be great.



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It would be great to be able to set up followers for the project, not just assignees.

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This is a must. Your move Hubspot!

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We NEED this. My employees keep venturing into my own projects or other employee's projects that aren't related to their duties.

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