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Hi HubSpot Team!

I woud love the ability to filter my Tasks by priority so I can quickly drill down on my super hot leads and call them first followed by my hot leads, warm leads and so on. I currently avoid putting leads into my task list that aren't either super hot or hot even though I do want to follow-up with them because I end up with too many leads and no way to quickly filter down on the most important ones. I was putting all leads into my tasks list originally but was missing my hottest leads because of the lack of tagging/filtering. I'd imagine a 5-point scale and tagging abilities for each Task would do the trick. Also, if you have any ideas for managing this problem within the current framework they would be greatly appreciated.



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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

@mlucia503 thanks for the feedback! Have you had a chance to try our new Task queues feature?


You could create different priority queues to manage your tasks.

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Thanks, but creating queues isn't the answer - especially because you limit me to only ten queues.  I'm already doubling up on focuntional areas in the queues because of that limitation.


What's needed is the ability to add an arbitrary set of TAGs to a task.  That way you as a developer don't care what the tag is, you can just filter on it.  This is the way THINGS handles priority(or urgency) and importance(meatiness) of tasks.  They aren't inherent to the task list, rather, you just allow people to create any set of tags they want.

My set of tags might be:

Low Importance

Medium Importance

High Importance

Not Urgent

Medium Urgent

Very Urgent



Random Ideas

Expense Related



Please please please:  this caiability is crucial, and it CRIPPLES your task function.  Without the ability to tag or sort tasks by urgency or importance, I have to PROHIBIT my whole team from using this part of the product.


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I'd love this too!

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A priority function would be amazing! Queues is not the solution to te the problem

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HS team, please do something on Task priority

Priority in the task is crucial for sales team, and queues are unfortunately not a solution to the problem as you can't filter the task in a queue.

(good proposal from wurtis by the way)

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I echo this functionality - Tasks need a priority level. All task managers have it and Hubspot needs it too.

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This idea is all over the site!! Please add task priorities NOW. and for goodness sake amalgamate all the same ideas into one so you can get a real ide of how many people are requesting the same thing using different words. Another request for task priorities and this one too is over a year old. Ridiculous!!! HUBSPOT GET WITH IT. 

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It is now August and I do nt see a function that is sooo basic to taks management I question our furutr interest. We are trying to make a decision to purchase one of three contentders and all the others have this feature... I like so many other feautres of HubSpot but this could be a deal breaker. Please please respond....



We have the same need but we believe there is another solution (to be created by Hubspot) that is both better and that has more chances to be released by Hubspot if it gets upvoted: to have custom properties for tasks. We have custom properties for contacts, for deals, why not for tasks? Then, anyone could create a "tag" multi-select drop-down list property and add whatever value makes sense for its business.


If you agree, upvote the idea "Task custom properties" here:

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I confirm that the queue doesn't resolve the problem.

We need the possibility to can setup priority inside a queue.