Print ticket Information directly from the ticket record in HubSpot

Would like to have a printable version of a ticket that includes properties on "About this ticket". Currently the only option is exporting ticket information to a speadsheet to print, but that is not very viewer friendly.

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Agreed, sometimes we need to load the information in a ticket as an authorisation for an order. Would be very useful to print a ticket (as pdf) 

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Also need this to print repair report to send to customer detailing what was repaired on product sent in


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We also require this function to allow a job card to be kept with the repair and also a repair report to sent to the client upon completion

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I really like this idea -- this would be a really great addition and would be great. 

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We need this for our annual audit. We have to send pdf's of some tickets to auditors, how can we do this?

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For product repair intake, a print ticket function would be EXCELLENT! A ticket print layout that prints all properties and information and then lists the activity. Having the ability to check on/off what elements of the ticket prints would be great too!

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We need this function badly! Auditors ask for certain tickets and it's not possible right now.