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Print notes

Notes are often used to take the most diverse information altogether, and there are some which could be useful into negotiations. I use to print some notes and have them filed (PDF) into the server. But this could be handy also for other activities.

What if some "single" activities are made printable? This is different than creating a full report.

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 I have just searched for this and found this post as I am staggered that I cannot print a note ... is this correct? Is it not possible to print out a note?



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Dear Shaun1 

as far as I understand you cannot print anything.

I am interested in printing notes at the very least. Sometimes you wanna file information on paper. You need it to go at the customer or to include it in an information file you give to them.

From Hubspot you cannot print at all.

The only option is to print the video content, like what you do with a site page that interests you. But the result is so awful, you soon stop doing that. You get a crumbled page, with part of the content... just try you'll see it yourself.

So YES you cannot print notes - and nothing else - from Hubspot.

I wish this will change soon.

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Printing notes would be extremely useful! 

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You can't print a contact record???!!! Really???

In my job there are instances where I would need to provide evidence of communications.

Being able to print out client details & notes , I would have thought that that would be a basic functionality required by many users?

Excel is looking pretty sophisticated, afterall.

I'm wanting to upgrade my business practice - not downgrade.

C'mon Hubspot.  You do so much so right ...



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This should be a basic functionality. Printing or saving as PDF is essential to work with the gathered information throughout our company - please work on this!

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YES! This should be a basic functionality for sure!

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This would be hugely useful!! Our Sales team has an overview not pinned to the top of deals and we have to copy paste it to print it out for meetings.