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I'd like to request an in-app feature in Hubspot marketing email to print or export directly to PDF without reformatting the email.

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November 04, 2019 03:08 PM

Gotcha, appreciate the confirmation @ErikaJ, thanks!

November 04, 2019 02:37 PM

Thanks for following up @ErikaJ! Out of interest, would the "shareable" URL for the email work just as well? These can be accessed by folks who don't have a login for the portal and can be accessed by clicking the thumbnail of the email on the email details screen. They're usually on the domain name "". We're definitely not saying no to the idea of a PDF export, just trying to understand the limitations of the current features in-app. Thanks!

September 25, 2019 02:37 AM

Hi @GAC! Thanks for reaching out with your feedback! While we don't have any concrete plans to introduce pdf export for the emails themselves just yet, I'd love to learn a little more about what the goal is with the pdf itself. Do you use that to share the email content/design with colleagues, or to "archive" a copy of all your emails locally? Any extra info you can share is super useful to myself and my team. Thanks!

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Yes, I vote for this also.  Please consider adding PDF.  I need to archive a PDF copy locally for upper management.   


Am also very interested in this feature because one partner has specifically requested a PDF version to share it in a closed online group. Was there an update?


Same here, we are also interested in this feature. We use PDFs for archives and for the approval/editing process for those outside our Marketing Department. You can print to a PDF but the email formatting is lost and the PDF no longer looks like the email within the HubSpot platform. Has there been any update on this? 


Would love a PDF of markeing e-mails. We have some email recievers that say they can'read the e-mail, please forward PDF copy.


As a fairly new user to HubSpot, the need to be able to print (or export to PDF) an email in HubSpot has come up several times in just a few weeks. I realyl wish there was an easy way to do this. I find it strange that most things in HubSpot cannot be printed easily.  Even Xerox conceeded years ago that we live in a paper world and not just a digital one. Please add this capability and also consider other areas in HubSpot for printing or exporting to PDF.


And by the way, does it really matter what the use case is for printing or PDF exports or what the end result of the document is going to be? Printing and exporting objects to PDF is simple enough for me - don't overcomplicate the ask - just get it done please!


I use custom fields thoughtout a pipeline and then use template for email (pulls the custom fields), copy, paste on word, print as PDF, upload to deal, delete email, send email. (HORRIBLE slow process.) It would be great if I could print to pdf and then send the customized document to the contact via email. Please let me know if there is a work around. 


I've been asked to do this as well. It would be great to provide this to our partners.


this feature would be super helpful. Many more traditional clients/partners need a PDF to save the Emails/Newsletters locally and/or print them out, without having  to reformat an email (to complicated for +40yo users)


I too would like this feature!


Yes, this is a great idea for a feature and would be especially valuable! For record-keeping purposes, it would be great to be able to easily export your email to PDF.


We would love the PDF export feature for archival purposes, but would also really appreciate the feature of a "shareable URL" that doesn't require outside users to create an account or login. I tried Shay's suggestion outlined below, but it brought me to a login page when I tested the link in another browser:


"Out of interest, would the "shareable" URL for the email work just as well? These can be accessed by folks who don't have a login for the portal and can be accessed by clicking the thumbnail of the email on the email details screen. They're usually on the domain name "".


We would find this feature INCREDIBLY useful - it appears that the exisitng export breaks all of our hyperlinks which makes sharing considerably less valuable.



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Hi All,


Was there any update to the ability to print emails?



Yes, spent hours trying to send a newsletter in PDF for my client board approval, with not success - to find out now that it can not be done : ) .

Client was not happy, to say the least, and also delayed distribution, as it is not approved.

They also wanted to keep the PDF and share on Social Media. 


Not sure when this feature will be available, but a PDF Preview is always a good idea. 

Thank you


also interested in this feature but also for the messages in the  Conversations Inbox of the Support Team


Our teams would also like the email to PDF function. 


Yes, please add this functionality. We need to convert HubSpot Emails to PDF for review/editing purposes. Clients like PDFs because they can review the content and provide feedback in the form of "Comments" on PDFs. They do not like using the links because they have no way to mark up or comment on the content directly.


Also very interested in this feature. Has there been any update?

Yes very interested

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