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We frequently need to get in touch with the primary contact at one of our customers. In HubSpot, there is no way to identify who this is among the many contacts we have in HS for that organization.


Even HubSpot recognizes the importance of this for your own use, as our Account & Billing page includes a required drop-down field for HubSpot primary point of contact.  Ironic, huh?


Please add a new Company field type, which would allow us to pick from a list of contacts at that Company. This could either be a dedicated Point of Contact field or perhaps just a more generic field that lets you pick from a list of contacts (I'd probably do the latter).



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Status updated to: In Beta
a week ago

Hi all! Thanks for continuing to share your specific needs here, it's really helpful to have context.


Happy to share we have an associations update in private beta (coming to public beta soon) that provides support for "association labels". These can be used to identify the "point of contact" on a Company record. See the "primary contact" label applied to a contact on a company record in the screenshot below.


Company record with primary contactCompany record with primary contact


We're not quite ready to release this to public beta yet, but expect to get access later this year.

Status updated to: In Planning
Apr 10, 2020

Hello HubSpot Community, 


Thank you as always for your continued feedback, it helps us build a great product. The ability to identify the primary contact on a company, deal, ticket, or any object is something we have been investigating on the HubSpot Product team. As a result, I'm going to move this idea into the "In Planning" stage. We'll continue to update this post as we make progress.

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This is such a simple idea, so many other CRMs have it as core functionality already.  It would allow our sales teams to be able to create their own view and have all the data on one dashboard without having to go directly into each record.... saves time!  Given that Hubspot already have this built into the Account & Billing page for us - the client - you would think it would be a relatively simple fix to make.

Look forward to seeing it!


Definitely need this functionality! We're currently doing it manually by typing the name of the primary contact in a custom property.

It’s a shame that this is a simple idea posted in 07/2017 and has not been taken into consideration by HubSpot.


HubSpot dev team (and management), I think you need to listen to the clients here - I don't see this as particularly difficult functionality to deliver... it's a selection list of contacts within that company... your own backend system operates with the same functionality.   Unless of course... HubSpot use Salesforce as their CRM? 😉


HubSpot requires a primary contact but doesn't have it in their own product? Does that mean... HubSpot don't use HubSpot..? Yikes...


@kagillespie is there any update on this, please?  The response from your support team just isn't really good enough...


"Regarding the workaround, you're correct, this wouldn't be dynamic because there isn't an inherent/fundamental connection between the two record types in this way. In other words, it really would just be a piece of documentation regarding who the point of contact is, but yes, this would require manual maintenance moving forward."


What I don't understand is I can allocate a HubSpot User, but I can't allocate a Contact allocated to the Company.  It's just madness that basic functionality isn't covered and more than that, Hubspot haven't even addressed the issue since March.

Please, allocate some time so this can be resolved.  It would make a huge difference to the people on this thread and I'd imagine a whole host of other users.


This would be a great feature. We deal with many people in a company and having a primary point of contact would be ideal. 

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Hello HubSpotter,


You've asked HubSpot to be able to set the Priimary Contact for a Company. 


We've been working on Version 2 of a Primary Contact Panel for the HubSpot CRM.


The CRM Panel lets you see, and select, a Primary Contact in a Company.


The CRM Panel in the Company Record lets you set the Primary Contact.The CRM Panel in the Company Record lets you set the Primary Contact.


We built the original version in 2017 and now we're updating it so you can use it in your CRM.


I have a favour to ask you - can you please take a coupe of minutes to fill in our questionnaire so we can tailor the system for your needs.


Here's a link to our questionnaire:


I would really appreciate your input.

Thank you 




I do not work for HubSpot directly. My business Webalite is a HubSpot Certified Partner Agency based in New Zealand. We've been working on this integration to help our clients and other HubSpot users like yourself.  Added 23 February 2019.




YSSSSSS Cat Happy We need this! Our company needs to be able to disguish the primary contact within workflows and this would be SUPER helpful!


Please implement this function, it would be very helpful.

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Hi @JasonCa 


Quick update to everyone.


We delayed the launch because we wanted to test the Primary Contact Widget with the new HubSpot CRM layout (which I love).


The good news is that it's all running well and we've made a few additional speed improvements.


For those of you that have expressed interest in trying our Primary Contact Panel we'll be in touch soon to let you have a play.


Thank you for all your encouragement.



@Mike_Eastwood - Thanks for your comment, tho I'm a bit confused reading your message. 

When I check the link for trying the primary contact panel, it takes me to Webalite.... you're not with HubSpot? 

Bottom line, my question is -

Is this new primary contact functionality native to HubSpot, or does it require another 3rd party integration subscription. 

Thank you,

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Hi @slucas 


You are correct - my company Webalite is a HubSpot Certified Partner Agency.


We developed the integration for one of our clients to overcome a HubSpot (in my opinion) limitation.


Soon the integration will be available in the HubSpot Marketplace for a small fee (to cover our time developing and supporting the integration). 


At some stage HubSpot may implement the Primary Contact feature request.


I will add a note to my post to avoid any possible confusion.


Thank you for checking.



Our business also requires the need to separate a client primary contact from other contacts associated to that client. For most cases in a B2B space, I would think primary contacts are a must as they are treated differently to regular associated contacts such as email/content and team notification workflows. 


While this is being added in we are considering to simply add in a custom property "Primary Contact", however interested if there are other, possible automated options/ideas?





For those on this thread who've created a manual workaround, did you do so on the company or contact record?

My thought is, to create a y/n contact property, "Primary Contact", and a corresponding text company property, "Primary Contact".

Then create a workflow so that, when the Contact property is updated to "Y", the contact (email?) is copied into the "Primary Contact" property on the company.  It's hacky... but seems to be the only way I can think of to actually create a cross-reference 'connection' between a contact and associated company record, without HubSpot having built this as a native feature.  


Interested in feedback from anyone who's attempted to establish the relationship that way?



In complete support of this idea. Definitely need to identify the primary contact of each company for various reasons. Thanks for the additional workarounds until Hubspot fix this. Should be a pretty easy fix for Hubspot. Please help! Many thanks.


This shold be an easy functionality and has been requested by all our sales agent. Just let the user star the primary contact and it will be the first listed.


specifically need this for TICKETS


We're a relatively new HubSpot customer. I am astounded that this functionality isn't available out of the box; and I'm doubly astonished that this thread is almost 2 years old and has SO many upvotes and comments, and yet there's near-silence from the Hubspot team on this. We would use this daily for both conpanies and deals. PLEASE!!!!!!!


Primary Contact is big in our company and this would help tremendously! 


Ditto on all of this. I'm blown away that we don't have the option to designate primary contact on a company. We work in K-12 space and often have ten to hundreds of contacts on a single company and it's a huge pain to dig through the contacts to figure out the primary contact on an account.