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We frequently need to get in touch with the primary contact at one of our customers. In HubSpot, there is no way to identify who this is among the many contacts we have in HS for that organization.


Even HubSpot recognizes the importance of this for your own use, as our Account & Billing page includes a required drop-down field for HubSpot primary point of contact.  Ironic, huh?


Please add a new Company field type, which would allow us to pick from a list of contacts at that Company. This could either be a dedicated Point of Contact field or perhaps just a more generic field that lets you pick from a list of contacts (I'd probably do the latter).



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This would be super helpful! If there was a primary contact property for a company I could then export out the company and main contact to know who should be contacted. Our account managers try to log all information in the company view so it shows up no matter who they contact but then they have to go into a contact to see if they are the primary or not. This then only logs the interaction in the contact. A drop down primary would be amazing!

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This would be great if there were a designated field in Hubspot for this and I didn't have to make my own!

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This would be a hugeeeee help! I have the same problem as @mhawkinson. We have a custom property on the contact level called "Primary Contact"- yes or no and then "Accounting Contact" yes or no but when our team is looking at a company or deal they have to click into each contact associated with that company to see who to talk to. The workaround I am using right now is creating a filtered list but it is not easy to look for one company within that list. 


The solution should be a property on the company level that can select from the associated contacts.  Primary contact and Accounting contact would be ideal.

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Yes! Needed indeed. Please add this feature.

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Ditto to all the above.  

We can pin a note to the company record, with a link to the primary contact's HubSpot profile, but that's not aa truly effective way to capture the data, if, for example, it needs to be exported.

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Very considerable use-case for us.  For example, being able to insert into an email the Company Token (property) for the Primary, Tech Decision Maker, Sponsor, etc *Role. would allow us to engage with better quality velocity with large orgs.

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Indeed, in Sales Force we can choose to have 10 features to appears on the main page, i.e. the company page, to read about the contacts.

Which is essential in making inbound and outbound sales alike.

Also very helpful in database management.


I am very surprised when the Company page is designed how the Contacts appear does not taken into consideration by HubSpot!


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+1 this as well. I think what may even be more flexible is if we can have a property type that is something like "contacts". This would be a dropdown field or such that would allow us to select from all contacts (of course it would be better if it filtered to ones associated with the company record).  Thus I could then name the field whatever I wanted (type of contact, or anything else) and select a contact from my HubSpot database that would then populate that field.

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This is a great idea! To further that original point, it would be great if there were contact/company properties that mapped to one another. So if a contact was made the primary POC, you could figure that out if you were looking at the company or contact record. An example use-case for this that I recently ran into took place in the Workflows tool.


I had a customer that was trying to create tasks associated with just companies to remind their sales reps to reach out if they hadn't been contacted in 45 days. Since you cannot enroll companies into workflows, they were enrolling contacts based off of company properties and creating reminder tasks. However because several contacts may be associated to any given company, several tasks were created; one for each contact associated with the target company. We only needed a single task created for the company, so t would make sense to specify a single person as the POC.


It would have been so much easier if we had been able to narrow the enrollment criteria of that workflow to only the primary contacts for a company.


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Has anyone in this forum built any kind of automation to identify a 'primary contact' based on certain behavior so that your team(s) do not have to physically identify a primary contact manually?


Also would be interesting to here folks elaborate on their solutions, too Smiley Happy


@kagillespie, how did you ensure that only one task was created?