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We frequently need to get in touch with the primary contact at one of our customers. In HubSpot, there is no way to identify who this is among the many contacts we have in HS for that organization.


Even HubSpot recognizes the importance of this for your own use, as our Account & Billing page includes a required drop-down field for HubSpot primary point of contact.  Ironic, huh?


Please add a new Company field type, which would allow us to pick from a list of contacts at that Company. This could either be a dedicated Point of Contact field or perhaps just a more generic field that lets you pick from a list of contacts (I'd probably do the latter).



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Hi @Ashleymccu 


We had the same challenge, from one of our clients, so we built the Primary Contact HubSpot Integration.


Does this do what you want?




*we're a HubSpot Partner Agency based in new Zealand




Bump - also desperately need exactly this functionality at the Company and Deal level


This is needed urgently as it's impossible to use sequences and workflows with deals when this information isn't available to be picked up to ensure we're not sending the message to multiple people within the same company.

Status updated to: In Beta
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Hi all! Thanks for continuing to share your specific needs here, it's really helpful to have context.


Happy to share we have an associations update in private beta (coming to public beta soon) that provides support for "association labels". These can be used to identify the "point of contact" on a Company record. See the "primary contact" label applied to a contact on a company record in the screenshot below.


Company record with primary contactCompany record with primary contact


We're not quite ready to release this to public beta yet, but expect to get access later this year.

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That would be very helpful to have this information.


@jeffvincent  Could there be a way to list these folks first? We work with school districts where they have hundreds of employees. Most of the times, we need to see the primary contacts like the C-Suite, etc. I hope we can prioritize those contacts at the top rather than have them get lost in the 99+ area. 

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@reycepeda thanks for sharing that - something we're considering. Will definitely share this feedback with the team!


I want in on this beta

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Hey, I also add comment to this idea. 


We would like to see the primary contact up in the company's record, when company has for example 80 contacts and wants to see only the main contacts up and not search for the primary/main contact, it would be nice to have this feature(prioritizing the contacts).


Thank you for considering it!


Status updated to: In Beta
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Hi folks, support for designating the "primary contact" on a company record is now in public beta. It will involve using the new "association label" functionality released as part of a larger associations update. See all the details here, including how to opt your portal in for the beta.


Looking forward to your feedback, I'm confident this functionality will resolve those blockers you've been running into.



@jeffvincent thanks for the update! is there a way to list these folks first in the associated contact panel from the Company records? Having to create a new list and filter out isn't ideal when trying to quickly email. 

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Thanks for the update! Once in beta will I also be able to see the change in the api or is that a seperate update?




Thanks, @jeffvincent Sounds like a positive update that we've been waiting for. Opted into the beta and looking forward to using this.


@jeffvincent thanks. Have been messing around with the association labels and they are going to be very beneficial. Wondering if there is a way to utilize this feature to add more value to the related companies?


@jeffvincent  how do you set the primary contact of a company? 


I have opted in to the Beta,  and on Deals I see primary Companies, but I don't see primary contacts on companies. 


When I edit the association of a company's contacts I don't get any option to select primary... 


And that's when it looks like that should be possible? 






Am I missing somehting here? 




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hey all, appreciate your questions/comments on this. Replying to a few comments at once:


@reycepeda: I agree with you on sort order. We're researching/discussing that internally now, unsure what the next step will be but it's active discussion.


@MichaelC: (If I understand your question correctly) you'll need to actively switch to using the new v4 endpoint to take advantage of these association types via API. We're intentionally leaving v3 as-is, to prevent any implementations from breaking with this new functionality.


@elise1: awesome! Can't wait for your feedback. I read every comment in this Community thread (along with many others) but can't always reply.


@CrunchedAdmin: as in parent/child companies? If so - yes! That's exactly where we want to go in the future. Going to take some time but I'm looking forward to it.


@BrianSkov_WUD: a contact has a primary company by default, but a company doesn't have a primary contact. To achieve that, I would make a `primary contact` association label between Contacts and Companies. We left it out because that need is not something we saw as common enough across our customer interviews.

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@jeffvincent I'm confused. As I understand it, this entire thread is dedicated to asking for years for the ability to assign a Primary Contact to a Company and not assigning a primary Company to a Contact.


There are everyday very needed reasons to be able to send a communication to an entire list of all Companies, but to only the person who is our dedicated point of contact. This is a basic need and the only ways to get around it have been to export, filter, and reimport. I'm pretty disappointed that the ask here was missed.


@jeffvincent Very useful update. Can do more than we need, but no doubt we'll use the new elements as we grow. Many thanks.

Please forward on this message to your CEO.

Dear Yamini Rangan,

I am thrilled to hear that you are stepping in as CEO of Hubspot. One thing I want to bring to your attention is a critical flaw in your CRM.

We have always been a Business to Business (B2B) company. It was a stretch to onboard with you because your software has had such a strong business to consumer (B2C) approach. I'm so glad that you have been building out Hubspot to work for my part of the market, B2B. What is that flaw?

Well, it's the ability to have a Hubspot company property that allows me to select a SINGLE contact as the designated point of contact.

This is how we interface with our clients the MOST. There is one administrator at the business that we sell to who manages the account. We call this person the "primary contact" or "designated point of contact". I don't know a B2B company who doesn't operate in this way. Several years ago I put a request to get this feature developed. I was directed to a thread here:

It's been over FOUR YEARS ... and still this is not a feature. Every year, we consider if we should renew or not, and this is an item that comes up every time in our evaluation. You create HOURS of extra work for me every month by not having this simple feature. I am requesting that you prioritize the development of this feature..... OR at the very least, get me in the beta testing group.

Best Regards,

Samuel Hatton

Marketing Manager @ Endsight, 7th time Inc 5000 honoree.


Is there an update on this feature request? My company would also need to be able to set a primary contact at both the company and deal levels for integration with an ERP.