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We frequently need to get in touch with the primary contact at one of our customers. In HubSpot, there is no way to identify who this is among the many contacts we have in HS for that organization.


Even HubSpot recognizes the importance of this for your own use, as our Account & Billing page includes a required drop-down field for HubSpot primary point of contact.  Ironic, huh?


Please add a new Company field type, which would allow us to pick from a list of contacts at that Company. This could either be a dedicated Point of Contact field or perhaps just a more generic field that lets you pick from a list of contacts (I'd probably do the latter).



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Wow, what a bummer. Such a great tool but this is an essential function and needed for many automation workflows. Does anyonw have a workaround or does a HubSpot employee an estimation about this "feature"?

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Hey all. I would also like to add to this thread saying that this is a handy feature... Furthermore, perhaps 'tagging' asssociated contacts as well. I.e. setting custom tags to contacts like this. Eg. A company has 10 associated contacts ... instead of the name, company and email address, could we added tags stating 1 contact is a primary contact, another is secondary contact, another 2 are billing related contacts, etc.? Thank you


I agree with the original post, as well as the several comments saying that the primary POC should be specified on the Deal record as well.


When I look at the Marketing Dashboard, let's say I see 100 "Customers" for the year. The problem is, many of these Customers are just staff members of a Company with a Closed Deal, they are not the actual business owner or primary contact. I would like to have my primary POC for a Company & Deal be specified, that way I can mark them as a Customer, and make the remaining staff members in the Company just "Users," which is a Custom Lifecycle Stage I've created, per HubSpot's recommendation.




This greatly needed. Often need to know who the billing/accounting contact is and who the primary contact that engaged our service. 


I like this idea, in my other profile I have just added a custom contact field that allows me to select from a list of contact types,  "Decision maker" "Primary Contact", "backup", ...

This can be done either as a selection or a multi choice


I agree. It is important to see theprimary contact. Also, it would be great to be able to see contact info (at least name) in reports that are based on the company.

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This is a common question from clients. Would be very useful to have at least a primary contact (the primary person to communicate with). Potentially also useful to identify the primary decision-maker too, as this person is often different, but this would be a bonus. 


This is all around deals.


The purpose of having a "contact champion" or designated "champions" allows the team to know who the key deal players are. We at times have multiple companies communicating in a deal, while it would be easy to exclude all those that are not important, we lose the dialog that may occur with one of the side-companies.


There's another piece in that we have some automations to create contracts based on the "contact champion" the only way to do it now is to include all of the contacts in the contract and cherry pick the one that will actually sign. You can imagine, this is not ideal for the Sales person because there are multiple spots to remove content.


My suggestion is adding a "star" like we see in gmail for messages...or allowing a definition of a checkbox on what it is. Quick and easy and can see in the contact cards to the right in a deal.


...shame me, I did not read through all the other posts, so here's my take (above)....


This would be a great addition.

We need to send out emails to contacts but want to use only one contact per company. So having a primary contact option will be ideal


More than 2 years and nothing. I've been waiting for this solution for so long.


Just ran into this as well. Definitely would help with reporting on contact lifecycle stages vs company lifecycle stages. If I could draw on only primary contacts this would solve many of my problems!


This is SO necessary! As the original poster mentioned, it is ironic that HubSpot recognizes the importance of being able to identify the key contact and billing contact associated with one of their customers, but they don't have the functionality to allow their customers to do the same... Please figure this out soon, HubSpot!


Please implement asap.


All workarounds require duplication of information which is anathema to good database discipline.

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Would really find this functionality helpful.


I was really surprised to see that Primary Contact for a company is not a native property in the system. I assumed that if it wasn't already there that it would be easy to create a custom property - but no, it's not simple and won't work how I want it to!


It should be easy to add a Company Property called 'Primary Contact'; which is a drop-down  of contacts from that company (or some similar approach).


Please add this!


Yes, please add this because it would solve many issues for us.


Last week someone at my company asked that we look at Hubspot competitors for this very reason. It causes her a lot of extra work trying to hunt down primary contacts, and she sees it as a sign that the software is clunky.  And to her, it feels like it's such an easy thing to implement that competitors must be doing it better. 


Maybe it's not so easy to implement, but it is key for B2B contact management, so I see where she's coming from.


Pleae add functionality to make primary contact please - this would be very helpful.

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We've solved this issue with a new version of our Primary Contact HubSpot Integration and we've just completed Version 4!


When we built a different HubSpot CRM Integration, for a client of ours, we learned how we could speed up the Primary Contact Panel's response times significantly. We tested those changes and they worked really well.


We've implemented a full subscription service with multiple plans - including a free plan. And we're about to submit our Integration to HubSpot for approval.




p.s. I will write a full update here when we're live in the HubSpot Marketplace.