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For sales people, in B2B2C or B2C sales, one of the most important things that hubspot is not capturing is where people used to work. It is one of the best sales leads out there...


e.g. let's say you suddenly start working with Google. First thing to do is search your existing database of contacts to see who used to work at Google and then the first introductory email to them is "we are now working with Google..." immediately there is FOMO there that some business is working with a former employer.


Right now there is no mechanism for tracking this....there should be an "associated company history" tab or something so as people move from one company to another it can be tracked. 


You should also be able to manually add company history. E.g. if you see someone on the database used to work at a really exciting firm that you want to target, you can add that firm to his/her company history so that you can use that relationship to get in to his/her former business.


I hope this sounds simple and logical...!



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Totally agree! That is something what I really miss too.

The email adress can help, since the domain identifies the company (mostly). If HubSpot would have not just the "primary" as an action if someone has multiple email adresses, but an e. g. "no longer used" as well, than with the help of the latter would be easy to create a company history.