Preview view - deal and contact details (primary contact number mob / ph)


Feature Request 1 - Preview deal view with contacts primary contact number

Covid-19 has forced companies and people to work remotely, so most contacts are nowadays working remotely and using mobile number as primary contact number (not company ph number per se). When previewing a deal, currently Hubspot will only limit preview view to a ph (if contact has one), but has mentioned above, most people are working remotely from home and are contactable via mobile (their primary contact number).  Ideally it would be good if Hubspot can make it easy for users to call the primary contact number (mobile) from preview view, saves time having to click into into deal, contact, and then call.  See attached as example. 


Feature Request #2- Settings

  1. Allowing admin to configure primary contact field as default primary contact number for all contacts; and/OR
  2. Deal owner to set primary contact number for contact record. 
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Hey Hubspot, product managers, moderators, any update here?