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Preview how landing pages look across different browsers and devices

Posting on behalf of a customer.


HubSpot has functionality to preview how your email may look like across different email clients and devices (see KB here), but not for landing pages. 


Being able to preview landing pages across a variety of common browsers and devices from within HubSpot would be super useful.


Different browsers may also have their own stylesheets and the browser styling can sometimes make HTML elements look different across different browsers, so what looks fine on Google Chrome might not look the same on Safari.


Here is where I'm referring to is (please see attached screenshot)Mobile dimensions.png 







Points to note:

  • Understand that the preview is meant to be a starting point and offer a general look into how things would look like on different device ratios associated with different screen types, and that a tool like devtools/inspect tool for looking at the page, can provide more specificity on this
  • That said such a feature for landing pages specifically could be handy especially when checking on how landing pages look like on mobile/ overall mobile responsiveness. This could be useful also for customers who do not have developer resources or have limited knowledge of web design.


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HubSpot Employee

Taking a look at the dimensions in DevTools - here are the dimensions of the preview page


width: 1200px

height: 688px



width: 768px
height: 1016px



width: 476px

height: 836px