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Prevent unwanted rounding of Product ID

I have made a Custom report which works fine except for the fact that the Product ID value reported is being rounded.  How can I stop it being rounded?



Product IDIn report
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Hi @Jef39 , 


Thank you for reaching out to us. At this time it is currently working as designed but, I was able to find another community article that touches upon the same round block. It does not exactly mention Product Id as it has to do with pricing but,  if  you would like for this functionality to exist I would recommend posting this on our HubSpot Ideas Forum. This is where our Product team goes to receive feedback from our customers and also allows for other users to up-vote and comment on your idea. 


Accept more decimals of cents vaules for product price 


Just like the post above, many customers may be hitting the same roadblock as you. If you create a post and it garners enough attention the developers do notice and potentially implement this feature.