Prevent previously closed tickets from reopening.

I have customers who have a habit of replying to an old email related to a previously closed ticket as a means to initiate a new ticket.    As you can imagine this automatically reopens the old ticket and appends the details of a completely unrelated issue to the end of ticket that was previously closed.


There is currently no way in hubspot to avoid this or prevent this from happening today.  Regardless of how long a ticket is closed it will always reopen when an email is received that is related to that ticket.  To say this is unfortunate is an understatement.


Zendesk has the concept of an archived ticket.  Once a ticket is in a closed state for a configurable period of time, the ticket is archived.  This archived state  does not remove the ticket from the system, it puts it into a sort of read only state that;

  • Will not reopen with an email response
  • Cannot be reopened manually
  • Cannot be edited.

Zendesk provides the option to create a follow up ticket that references the archived ticket.  This new ticket will have a link to the old ticket and does have a true link at a reporting level to the old ticket.


So what is the suggestion I am making?

  • Add a reopened state for tickets that were previously closed and reopened as a result of some action.
  • Add a reporting field that has the following attributes, reopened source (manual, email response, workflow action)
  • Add a property to indicate the reopen time.
  • Add a status that is systemically assigned based on the ticket being in a closed state for some configurable period of time. example 5 days.
    • For 5 days after a ticket is closed, the ticket can be manually reopened or be reopened due to a workflow action (receipt of an email or call associated with that ticket)
    • Tickets that are reopened should be in a reopened state or have some attribute data to indicate that the ticket was closed and was reopened during the 5 day interval.
    • Tickets that are not reopened within the 5 days will enter an archived state.  These tickets are closed, can be reported on, can be referenced, and  be the basis of follow up tickets.  But they cannot be reopened and they cannot be edited.

I am certain that there are other customers who would benefit from this type of option.


Thank you...



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This a great suggestion and our team definitely needs something like this!
links to this thread:

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Hi James,


I have implemented a workaround for this. I'm migrating closed tickets to a newly created archived pipeline with 1 status archived.

When a customer replies to a ticket in this pipeline, a new ticket will be created form a workflow with the property values of the closed ticket.

The customer gets notified that the ticket they are replying to is already closed and that we have created a new ticket for them.




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Hi Herman,


So in your work around, the reason why it does not reopen automatically is because the pipeline has only a single status, archived, which I assume is a closed status.  I am curious about the workflow that facilitates the creation of the new ticket with the previous details.   Is this something you can share here or with me directly?


This sounds like something that might work for my use case.  If only I could get the auto association 'feature' to behave as it should, I likely wouldn't have as much grief with the current closed/reopen functionality.


Thanks Herman,




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Hi James,


Hope this helps.


I move older tickets to a new pipeline with one status 'Archived' and I run this workflow. In the email, I notify the customer, and in the create record I create a new ticket.






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Hi Herman,


Thank you for the reply.  In terms of the new ticket creation.    "Ticket: Ticket Name" refers to the original ticket, or the new ticket?  I am just wondering how this preserves a reference to the original ticket that had been archived.




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Absolutely agree. The Hubspot support staff themselves have advised me they have the same issue and need to go through their stats and explain them, which seems like a huge waste of time.


MVP I'd say is;


When a ticket is closed, if a customer replies to the thread outside of the user determined ticket closure period, it creates a new ticket, referencing the first.