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Prevent inbound conversations from automatically creating new HubSpot Contacts

We have our support email connected to a common inbox in HubSpot (Conversations -> Inbox).


We regularly have third-party vendors (Not customers) send us questions as we onboard our mutual accounts. Once we reply to their conversation, there is no need to keep their contact in our system.  Not only does this pollute our marketing contact list, we get charged for these contacts.


Having these automatically created causes a huge administrative headache as we have to regularly go in and MANUALLY scan our contacts and try to identify those that are not customers and delete them.  


We would like the ability to TURN OFF the system automatically creating a HubSpot contact for every person that emails a common inbox such as our support inbox.

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We would like to see this as an option as well.


Additionally, we have several connected inboxes and it is nearly impossible to filter Contacts based on which inbox they were created by, which makes it especially difficult to go back and cleanup the unneeded Contacts created by these inboxes. 


Apparently you can upvote the idea here and the product team will get notified

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Totally agree with this because for a company email like contact@ or sales@ they very quickly attract spam email and that floods the conversation inbox making it very un productive. I would want to be able to turn of contact creation by channel so if I had a channel for sales emails and anothther for general questions then I would want the ability to set this paramater to create or not create by inbox. 


We will most likely be disconnecting the email because this feature does not exist.