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Prevent data overwriting on import

Our company would like to see a function available to stop data from being overwritten when importing.  We would like something like a wizard with two columns to show existing data vs. new data being imported with the option to prevent overwriting for any property that has important existing information.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey there! I'm Jeff, from the HubSpot CRM product team. We just released a new beta for import we're calling "Skip if known" (exact name of feature TBD by smarter people). This new option makes it possible to prevent overwrites from your imports if the property value on a specific record is already set.


For example, if the name property on a Contact record is set as "Jeff Vincent", and the name column in the import with the corresponding email is "Jerf Bincent", checking this box means the HubSpot value won't be overwritten.


For customers updating the data in their CRM through imports AND the UI, we hope this update helps you maintain more control over your data!

To get access while in beta, ask your HubSpot contact to add the "Skip if known" beta to your portal. We'll be going live to all soon.