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Prevent chat widget from loading by country

Our company has considered using HubSpot Messages because of the convenience of it being one less program to use. The problem, though, is that HubSpot Messages doesn't allow you to limit your chat availability to specific countries (we don't have the resources to do many sales outside of the US, so it doesn't make sense from a sales perspective to have chat available to other countries).


Without these capabilities, the Hubspot Messages platform is more of a hassle than it is a help. If these capabilities do exist and I just haven't found them, please point me in the right direction!

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Hey @em! We already have an open idea for blocking certain visitors that I'm going to refer you to: I'm going to update the description of this idea to be specifically about not loading the widget in certain countries.


Enabled live chat option only to few countries makes a lot of difference. For example, we get a lot of traffic from few countries but they have a very low conversion rate.


Selectively enabling live chat for countries with high conversion rates will help optimise resources & ROI.

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Hoping this feature is already underway, as it would be really helpful to qualify and filter contacts


Hi. I want to filter the contacts on the chat by countries. Thanks.


We would like this feature as well. 


Has there been any product updates to address this question? We are looking to migrate to Hubspot this year and being able to restrict live chat button display to US and Canadian site visitors is a must.


I would really like to see this block a user by IP.


We have a user who keeps spamming our chat? They keep using different email addresses so I cannot block that. And there is no IP shared that I can block. So how do I go about blocking them or better yet, hide the chatbot when that user visits the site? We need a way to block abusive users regardless of user account. Because this particular user keeps creating new accounts. So that gets around the contact block and causes other problems.

ステータスに更新: Delivered

Customers can now target specific countries and only display their chat widget on certain countries or restrict certain countries from seeing the chat widget, leveraging the advanced targeting capabilities. For more details, check out the knowledge base here.