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Prevent attachments from Outlook logging in Hubspot


Is there a setting not to add automatically attachments from emails (sent from office 365) into Hubspot? Now all these attachments appear in our Hubspot module and we do not want that..


2) Is there a solution to delete attachments in a general overview and not one-by-one into Hubspot?

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With hundereds of clients and several daily emails, most our users log client emails.  Unfortunately, all attachments are getting uploaded into HubSpot.  We have several daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports our clients receive that are overloading the attachments on the company level and inhibiting us to finding the documentation that we do want to see.   Please let me know if there is a fix to this issue or if we can be included in Beta testing.


We are expiriencing the same issue with email attachements proliferating in Hubspot.  I created a similar Idea thread linked below.


Is there any update on if a change to this feature has been made or is planned?


thank you.


I have been told by our account rep that this  would require system-wide changes and a significant amount of work, but that they are working to find an opt-out feature in early 2020. 

HubSpot Product Team

Hi all,


We have a setting in the CRM that allows you to disable email attachments from logging. Instructions for this setting can be found here