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Prevent Users from Deleting Contacts

Currently the setting for users to edit contacts is an all or nothing deal. If you want your users to be able to edit a contact's phone number they also get permission to delete it. 


Would be awesome if you could remove a user's ability to delete a contact but still allow them to edit basic info like phone number, address, etc. 

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April 26, 2021 07:08 AM

Hi HubSpot community, 

Posting to let you all know that as of a few minutes ago, this new permission is available in all accounts. 

Thank you as always for your continued feedback! 


- Dylan 

In Beta
April 13, 2021 09:02 AM

Hello HubSpot community, 

I’m excited to let you all know that this functionality, the ability to prevent a user from deleting a record, is now in beta. This new permission is available for all tiers of HubSpot customers, including free accounts. 


We plan to release this broadly before the end of April. However, if you’d like to be one of the first to access the beta, please submit your details on this form and I will give your account access as soon as possible.


Thank you as always for your continued feedback, it helps us build a better product.

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December 02, 2020 10:32 AM

February 07, 2020 01:29 PM

Thank you both! These are great details that you shared, @thomasrsmith - especially this piece, "As an admin, I'd rather delete companies for a rep who entered one accidentally than clean up after one that is deleted accidentally."


I definitely see the value here and just wanted to make sure and look at it from the other perspective as well. 


I am taking all these details and will be working with individual teams on prioritizing these options.




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January 29, 2020 01:24 PM

Cross-posting a response here from a similar thread -


Hey folks, 


Thanks so much for taking the time to share this idea and examples. We are looking into this problem area and wanted to see if an audit log of deletes, with an option to restore, can help here? One of the issues we're trying to look out for is that in a case where the sales rep is demo-ing contacts or deals or makes a mistake, it can be helpful for them to delete that vs increase the work for the admin. 


Today we support a recycle bin for contacts, deals, companies and tickets. It looks like this - and you can navigate to it from the home page of each of the above mentioned screens > Actions > Restore... 


Does this give you enough power to fix an accidental or intentional delete? Where does this fall short?



Maggie Georgieva

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Right now we have users deleting deals instead of setting them as lost, so we lose data that would tell us what kinds of deals are being lost. So users should not be able to delete any deals regardless of who owns them, but they should still be able to edit them.


Users should continue to be able to delete contacts and companies, since they might be created on accident from Gmail integration, etc.


Main need is to ensure data integrity. For example conversion rates to customer might now be off because lost deals are being deleted.


While being able to stop users from deleting deals would be the most important feature to have, separating read/write/delete permissions in general would be useful.


Great point, we need the same thing OR an audit trail as to what deals were deleted, when and full details.


Totally agree that the ability to delete should be something that can be restricted at the user level.


In searching through the community I found these related posts (one on deal records, one on leads). Upvotes on these might get more attention paid to the issue.


I would like a specific permission "deleting records", applicable to Contacts, CRM, and Deals access etc.


For example, assume a user has View/Communicate/Edit permissions enabled. The suggested above permission would mean that;


CRM: View / Communicate / Edit, but not delete items on the Activity Timeline.

Contacts: View / Communicate / Edit, but not delete the Contact.

Company: View / Communicate / Edit, but not delete the Company.

Deal: View / Edit, but not delete the Deal.


In terms of data integrity, this is important feature that other CRMs have.

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Hi there


I think this is key functionality. This should include the ability to restrict the deletion of tasks and notes as well as objects like contacts, companies and deals. Delete should have its own permissions set.


Agree completely and I do believe this is a key feature that should be given immediate attention.


It is imperative that only the person assisgned a task can edit or mark it complete.

The ability to delete tasks and notes opens up a can of worms. Tracking and accountability becomes a nonentity.



Absolutely essential to ensure data integrity


Still no Response?


Our company has the same problems, and we are about to move to a PRO version since 

our stratup is growing fast, this is a MAYOR issue that contacts can be deleted by users or employee's 


I Believe that we will move to Sales Force. 


We need to be able to restrict who has permission to delete deals. This needs to be separated from the permission to edit a deal, as many people may interact with/ edit a given deal, but only managers or administrators should be able to delete them. 


One of the main reasons we use HubSpot is for information sharing. All key information about a deal is stored in one place, so if a salesperson is out of the office, or multiple people are working on a deal, we are able to ensure our customers continuity of service. We need to enable all team members to edit all deals related to their team, but automatically granting permission to delete any deal leaves us extremely vulnerable in the event that an employee becomes disgruntled/ vindictive. 


Absolutely, more levels of admin authority that would be assinable to given tasks

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We absolutely need this! This feature is needed to prevent leads, notes, activity history, etc. from being deleted!


It is BAFFLING to me that this is not already a feature. 


We absolutely need this!


This feature is needed to prevent information vulnerability.



Agreed. Delete should be a permission set for all possible attributes such as contacts, companies, deals, tasks etc.


Currently, anybody with access to edit an entry (deal, ticket, contact, activity) also has the ability to delete that contact, and/or activity on that contact. 


It is important for us to have the ability to set up separate permissions for editing and deleting as only a few people need access to actually delete entries or activity on entries.


This is a must feature for us.


We really need this ability as well for both contacts and companies. Our sales reps need to be able to edit properties but should not be able to delete a contact or company. 


Upvoted! Yes this is a huge issue for us. Reps many times delete accounts instead of switching to inactive/no owner. Many other scenerios like this as well. 


This is a basic feature with many other CRM's. Please add.