Prevent Users from Deleting Contacts

Currently the setting for users to edit contacts is an all or nothing deal. If you want your users to be able to edit a contact's phone number they also get permission to delete it. 


Would be awesome if you could remove a user's ability to delete a contact but still allow them to edit basic info like phone number, address, etc. 

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This is a must feature for us.

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We really need this ability as well for both contacts and companies. Our sales reps need to be able to edit properties but should not be able to delete a contact or company. 

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This is a basic feature with many other CRM's. Please add.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Cross-posting a response here from a similar thread -


Hey folks, 


Thanks so much for taking the time to share this idea and examples. We are looking into this problem area and wanted to see if an audit log of deletes, with an option to restore, can help here? One of the issues we're trying to look out for is that in a case where the sales rep is demo-ing contacts or deals or makes a mistake, it can be helpful for them to delete that vs increase the work for the admin. 


Today we support a recycle bin for contacts, deals, companies and tickets. It looks like this - and you can navigate to it from the home page of each of the above mentioned screens > Actions > Restore... 


Does this give you enough power to fix an accidental or intentional delete? Where does this fall short?



Maggie Georgieva

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This is a real problem for us and would have prevented us from purchasing HubSpot if we had caught it during the purchase process. There are many opportunities for an employee to inadvertently or purposefully delete data. Some of these go against our client SLAs and could cause some major issues for us.


Deleting a company record is not the same as deleting a task or a contact, so not sure why these are all controlled with a single setting.


The audit log of deletes is somewhat helpful but does not differentiate between a merged account and a deleted account. It also doesn't identify who deleted the company, so you can't reinforce with training.


The other issue is that all connections are severed when the company is deleted and after restoring the company, you must then reconnect all the contacts, deals, tickets, etc.


As an admin, I'd rather delete companies for a rep who entered one accidentally than clean up after one that is deleted accidentally.



@mgeorgievaThis solution does not provide enough help. We need the ability to prevent sales reps from deleting deals but preventing company and contact deletion would be helpful as well.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Thank you both! These are great details that you shared, @thomasrsmith - especially this piece, "As an admin, I'd rather delete companies for a rep who entered one accidentally than clean up after one that is deleted accidentally."


I definitely see the value here and just wanted to make sure and look at it from the other perspective as well. 


I am taking all these details and will be working with individual teams on prioritizing these options.




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We would prefer to lock the ability to delete. I agree with the above comment that it is better to delete on behalf of the team than to clean up their accidental deletes.

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The ability to control if a user can delete Deals or not would be a great addition for us.

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This is a great idea. Would love to have this available.