Prevent Negative Hubspot Score


Right now if you chose to have negative attributes in your lead score, you will find that the hubspot score of your contacts can easily set to a negative number. It's best practice to have some negative attributes, so you can filter out contacts who were engaged in the past, but not anymore.

However, the fact that lead scoring doesn't stop at 0, and goes to negative creates a series of problems.

The one that is giving me a headache is the following:
- we have a negative score for unengaged contacts, so if someone doesn't do anything, the lead score would drop, and this can result in a negative score, let's say we have an old contact who hasn't shown any sign of engagement, and now has a score of -40

- when this contact starts re-engaging with us, they won't start from 0, but from -40, so they are harder to prioritize

On the other hand, if we don't use negative attributes in the lead scoring model, it is losing relevancy, and will get's hard to tell if someone with a high lead score a good target or not, as we won't be able to tell the contacts apart who are engaged right now from the ones who were engaged at some point.

For me the solution for this would be to have an option to make sure lead score doesn't go below 0.

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Fully support this idea, it's been a headache for me as well.


I don't suppose an option to limit an individual's score to 0 has been implemented since this comment?...


I support this idea! Or is there already a workaround?


It seems totally redundant to allow minus HubSpot scores - would be great if HS could fix this...


Fully support this idea. Does anybody have a work-around?