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Prevent Emails from sending before attachments finish uploading

Kinda like the title says.


The senario is you have an email which you have already typed out and are ready to send. You just need to attach the files before pressing send. 


Currently HubSpot allows the user to send the email before the files finish uploading. This leads to a lot of "There is nothing attached" email replies from our customers.


I know the easy solution is just to tell people to wait until their upload is finished, but everyone makes mistakes. Ideally the system would prevent them from sending an email off when they are clearly in the process of uploading something.


*Note - this is specifically in regard to sending emails through the ticket object. I'm sure it applies to the other objects, but not sure if it applies to the conversation inbox.

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We have a similar situation in that we frequently attach PDFs to outgoing emails, sometimes from the Conversations Inbox, but most often from an email created in the contact record. Either way, if someone hits send too soon, the email goes out without the attachment and there's no indication to the sender that the attachment didn't completely upload before the email was sent. It's particularly an issue because we have employees who work remotely and their internet connection is very slow or unstable, so they have to remember to check before hitting send every time. Then our clients reply and say no attachment was included.


I would like to see reminder similar to in Gmail where, if the word "attached" is used in the body of the email and there is no attachment, then Google warns you before sending that perhaps you have forgotten that step.