Prevent CC'd email addresses from being created as contacts

I'm not sure whether others find this as frustrating (or even know that it happens!) but we regularly find in our own portal and with clients that if you send a sales email using the Outlook or Gmail integration, 'log to CRM' and CC someone who is not a contact in HubSpot, they get created as a contact without you knowing.


I assume this is part of an automatic feature which would help you out in a situation where you're emailing a contact who doesn't exist in HubSpot.


My issue is that this is not good when you have CC'd an external supplier / partner or even other members of your clients team who need to be involved on a CC loop but are not a contact. Your client may have even emailed a group of people on a subject and you are simply replying.


Why is that an issue?

A) the number of contacts rises (and could impact your paid contact tiers) and there is no notification of which contacts have been added by accident this way - we have had to create a very confusing list to filter these people but I still worry some get missed.

B) They are automatically also in the marketing side of HubSpot, which is generally a good feature, but in this case difficult to manage.


With GDPR coming into effect soon I hope this is a feature which can be looked at to stop this happening or even to provide a manual check (even a tick box to say 'add these new contacts to the CRM?' so that there is a prompt to then go and mark them as not opted in).

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We have the same problem Smiley Sad I see the issue is still not fixed, but it was a topic 2 years ago.

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Can we get a response from a HubSpot rep on this please as this is a major drawback that will add to the growing list that we need to resolve with a new supplier.

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This is ABSOLUTELY necessary. The lack of ability to turn off this automatic creation of contacts creates multiple issues in CRM and makes it nearly impossible to keep a clean database. Please implement this ability ASAP.

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I just realized this is happening. Has there been a solution? It makes no sense to have people in CC or BCC adeed as contacts. I am sure some people or businesses will find it useful so having the option to decide if you want CC/BCC to be added as contacts or not would be great. 

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I agree!  This should at least be a configurable option by tenant, user or both.

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Yes, please add this functionality. It is sorely needed, and has been too long to wait.


Add my vote.

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Of 12,053 ideas submitted, this one is tied with two others at #68, so maybe there's still hope.

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Strange this one is only at #68!  This one has a huge governance implication with GDPR in Europe.

I am surprised it hasn't had more requests.

Would be really good to see if HubSpot id even considering this one.

Perhaps we need someone using HubSpot to get hit with GDPR allegations to counter blame HubSpot for something to happen!

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I've talked to HubSpot a few times about this issue and have brought up GDPR. 


While I'm not sure how is it legal to collect and broadcast to European email adddresses where the recipient didn't specifically approve, HubSpot acknowledged my concern but dismissed it (the customer service agent spoke to someone internally but either didn't get or couldn't provide a lot of feedback).  Maybe it's legal?