Predictive Lead scoring changes in the algorithm

Hi with the predictive lead scoring could you please change the algorithm so that various companies can change the amount of days and the values of what is measured



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Yes it's always cute when Hubspot tries to compete with Salesforce but Eisntein (salesforce) is useful.  This function is useless.  I can't imagine almost anyone using just a few contact properties in hubspot and the 90 days.  For now using something like AWS is a better solution and Microsoft/AWS are really trying to make the model chosing and optimizing automatic for you.  Next thing you know hubspot will forecast cash flow....... don't hold your breath.  Hubspot is great at taking on everything at once but only making a small amount of those features functional or useful.  I think it's the culture of sales first and product development last.  On the plus side the training is AMAZING. so keep up the good work there.