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Under the contacts > forms > options there is an option to pre-populate fields with known values. As this is helpful in many ways, we encountered many times that the "message" textarea field also gets pre-populated with the same content as before. This could be a problem when you use the pre-populate function on a contact page for example.

My suggestion for a new feature is that you can pre-populate certain fields, or at least disable pre-populating for certain input/textarea fields instead of all. I think this function would not only benefit us, but a lot of companies that use the pre-populating feature across their forms.

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Yes, absolute agree. Some of the Hubspot forms we use are very likely to be used multiple times by the same customer/lead, but the values they'd enter in certain fields would be different every time.


This may also be achieved by allowing us to add fields to a form that don't map with fields in the CRM. A good example would be the Message field for a contact form. Now we have to store that in a CRM field. But this is not persistant data for a contact. The second time somebody fills out the contact form, the message field is overwritten. So, I'd rather see the message field in the contact's history, but not in the CRM. If that makes sense. Fields like these should then never be pre-populated.

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This is a good idea! I have another application for just pre-populate certain fields. In Germany the legal situation is in respect to data protection, that the website visitor has to actively agree to the data protection regulations containted in the imprint page (by e.g. checking a check box). But if I pre-populate fields with known values, all fields will get pre-populated including the data protection check box, although this one should't be pre-filled.

Hope this feature gets soon into the standard.

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Dear HS PMs,


We would love to be able to selectively disable data prepopulate on a form field. In this case we have a comments field used in many forms such as Contact forms and Demo request forms. We like being able to prefill forms, but prefilled comments can be creepy or out of place or both.

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Agreed! For example, I don't need to see my comments in the Comments field from my last form submission every time I revisit a page with that form.

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Excellent idea. I was just thinking of this feature as well. I hope this gets implemented.

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Agree 100%

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100% agree. Also checkboxes (e.g. for consent) shouldn't be pre-populated.

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Agreed! The option to select which fields to pre-populate and to not have to associate with a field for a one time submission that is maybe saved just in the activity/form submission copy. 


Additional requests related

1) Internal forms - essentially the ability to view or load a form as a contact to pre-populate with information already needed in order to trigger workflows on form submission and require specific fields for a more automated process.

2) Ability to select whether text field content is replaced or appended to any previous answers. 

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Yes this is so important. Would REALLY appreciate if this functionality was added (select which fields to prepopulate). 


In addition an update if blank function on forms would make hidden fields much more valuable. 

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Has this feature been enabled yet? We'd love to have it as well.