Pre-populate Associate Contacts Screen for Deals/Tickets Already Associated with a Company

If a deal or ticket is already associated with a company, pull the contacts associated with that company into the Associate Contacts screen, allowing the user to select from that list or add other contacts using the search bar. This would save time and hassle by eliminating the need to search your entire contacts list by exact name/email for the contacts associated with a company that you have already associated with the deal or ticket but still allow flexibility for the user to choose the specific contact(s) that should be associated with that particular deal.

Associate Contacts with Deal Screen.png

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This is a huge pain point. The inverse would also be helpful - Show the company associated with a contact already selected in a deal or a ticket.

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Agree with both comments. Want the tool help me select the appropriate company associated with the contact I have selected or vice versa select the proper contact associated with the company I have already selected. 

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This would really streamline the process of accurately associating tickets. I agree with both comments above!

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This one makes a lot of sense. I struggle with this every day and would appreciate this suggestion being implemented.

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Upvoting this.