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Pre merge contact property value review

The Problem:

When merging contacts, currently the 'most recent value' is retained in the post-merge record. This is not always the value that is desired to be retained.

The Solution:

  • Ability to pre-select a setup of properties that should always be reviewed prior to merging contacts (an Admin global set up, not a user-specific)
  • When in the merge function, these select properties show for reviewing the retained value.
  • When reviewing the pre-merge properties, the ability to map the desired value to be retained for each of the properties is key
  • This will be different for each Hubspot customer so the ability to customize what properties to include in a pre-merge scenario is important
  • The allowed number of properties to include in the review should be a reasonable number to make the function manageable yet flexible enough to be useful - so maybe 15-20 max

Not every property is relevant to review when merging as some properties should retain the most recent value. This customization for an Admin to set will allow for the review of the most critical information.


  • A default property example would be:
    • Contact Owner
  • Other examples:
    • For our company we have a list of product integration-specific properties that affect list memberships and workflows... so all of those I would be interested in reviewing on merge
    • Custom properties we use for reporting cohorts
    • Custom properties we use for form submission date recording
    • etc.

Other ideas that are around merging and should be considering IF/WHEN work is done on the merge feature:
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This is one of our major bugbears as well. This is causing us HUGE, MASSIVE headaches, which is why we've been trying to avoid merging wherever possible. 

As much as we love HubSpot, we had hierarchical control over specific properties in the previous CRM we used and all of the commercial RDBs I have used in the past 20+ years have had hierarchical control, so it feels like we've almost gone back to the 20th century within HubSpot in this regard.


We've looked at external apps but we're already paying for Enterprise everything within HubSpot and so really don't expect to have to pay more to get 21st century functionality for merging records.

I'm currently working on a project to define a block of primary properties on a primary contact/company record that we will set and compare against the general ones used on a day-to-day basis to detect when one or more properties change unexpectedly and ensure we never lose priority information due to HubSpot's failing in this regard.  These primary properties will be only set on the primary contact record so should never be overwritten by a merge but Workflow will detect when there are differences after a merge for these key properties against the primary values.



Definitely agree with this - and for Companies as well as Contacts.

It's also not obvious that only the most recent record is saved -  we've just discovered this is the case in the process of unravelling some of the problems it's created. That info is buried fairly deep in a support article rather than being flagged at the point of merge.


Bringing this back up to the top as it is still an issue. Please @hubspot do something about this.