Pre-Polulate Contact Record with their Industry

Hi....   Hubspot pre-poulates a Company record with thier Industry, right?   So, how comes HubSpot can't then re-populate a Contact record with the same Industry data.


The reason I ask is that I would love to be able to send targetted messages to my contact data base, based on the industry they work in. 


The way my Contact data base is set up I either have to manually edit 7k+ records (HHHmmm...not the best UX for me) or edit the forms to include this data moving forward.    Great for new records, but not good for t he 7k+ great contacts I already have.


Hope this can be looked into>  For the time being, my fingers are well and truly crossed.


Emma @ Unisan UK

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Can't you use a workflow to update contacts with the industry of the company they are associated with?  May need to create a custom industry field for the contacts.