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Posting profile for a particular social channel

Hi there, 

I scheudle my posts manually, rather than bulk upload, I find this much quicker and can see how images/links are pulling though. 


I post based on the best times shared by HS and other companies for a particular channel.  I have added these times to each day in the backend of the social bit in HS.  However, when I post for Twitter for example the only times I'm interested in are 10am, 5pm and 6pm, for FB I have different times, so what happens is that the next post time is not for Twitter, so I have to manually change it, HS automaitcally thinks I want to post 6 times a day, which is not the case.


What will be fantastic and so much more effiencent, is if HS can allow me to create a posting profile for each soical channel that reflects the posting times and days.  So when I;m scheduleing Twitter posts I know that I only want to post out 3 times a day, on xyz times.  HS should then choose the times and days for me as I add my posts.  


For FB I may want to post out twice a day on particular times only on Tues, Wed and Thurs. Again as I'm adding my posts, the correct times and days should come up, so I don't have to select these manually each time.


I hope that makes sense.

Best regards