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So I've come across an issue with composing a Message to Multiple locations with Facebook. You can see your other locations but it will not allow you to rename the location since it pulls information from Facebook. You also can't rename the locations due to the parent location has to be the same name. I've provided screen shots of the issue. FB Screen ShotFB Screen ShotHubSpot Screen shotHubSpot Screen shot

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Agreed, I had the same issue.  A good fix would be if Hubspot could pull the city/state and put in parentheses like facebook does.

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I think that would be a great idea or even add a field so we can modify the name of some sort 

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Our company has over 80 locations, and we are running into the same issue. We pay for Hubspot to give us these great tracking capabilities but also have to pay for Hootsuite for social media, just so we can tell all the pages apart from each other. It's a headache, you would think with all the great foward thinking Hubspot does they would be up to par with social media, alongside the other major social media platforms.


Short-term fixes:

1. Be able to "star" or apply favorite to our main/parent page.

2. Be able to type in page id into search field to specify a particular page.


Long-term fix:

1. Put the city/state in parentheses like facebook does

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Let's make this happen!

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Our company has many locations. It is impossible to post to a specific location because they are all named the same thing. This needs to be fixed. 

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This is a huge headache for us. This platform is way too expensive to not have this kind of functionality. What do we need to do to get this done?

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Me and my colleague are using HubSpot Social publishing (Facebook) and provides content to a variety of our local store locations and the publishing tool works really well.




We have encountered a problem, which makes it difficult to figure out the local pages from each other. Because we use Facebook's business location setup, all local FB pages in HubSpot are named the same as the Main Page. This makes it difficult to identify the Locations from each other, when we are posting different content to different pages. Especially when you have 50+ locations in HubSpot with the same name. In Facebook, the locations have a (local description) and it would be very helpful to have that name-feature in HubSpot as well. 

Example: Main page name (Local description) 


An alternative/compromise could might be to make it possible for saved selection of locations/pages "groups" where the Locations can be clustered in a variety of groups, depending on the post purpose. In that way you dont have to check off each single location, when doing a social post - it's like a list feature.  

Does anyone know if HubSpot is working on this sort of improvement?


The Facebook locations setup is used by a large variety of companies, so I guess other HubSpot users have the same issues?


Thank you in advance.


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 We are in the same boat with 50+ locations on our Facebook Business account. We would love a solution!!

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HubSpot Product Team
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Please DM me your portal ID if you'd like to get this feature. 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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