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Post Playable Videos to Facebook

As we know, posting playable videos to Facebook is a current best practice when it comes to social media.

However, it is currently not possible to seamlessly post videos to social media through HubSpot. Most solutions require posting the video on a third party platform or uploading it to HubSpot's file manager, then posting a link via HubSpot. This method does not result in videos that are playable within the Facebook platform, but instead requires the user to click onto the link to play the video on an external site.

Without the ability to post videos and thus use HubSpot's social media tracking and reporting, we find that there is limited utility for HubSpot as far as social media video publishing and scheduling is concerned.

An upgrade to the social media publishing tool is sorely needed in order to keep up with the latest social media marketing methodology.

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Regular Contributor

I think it would be great if you can upload videos to the HubSpot social publishing tools. Videos are more and more important nowadays and videos will only automplay in Twitter if they are uploaded and not shared. 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Planning

We're actively looking into this! 

New Contributor

Agreed! The 4MB file size upload limit means I'm unable to publish (and track) a large percentage of my content.

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We are new to Hubspot, and our social media team has noticed that is not possible to directly upload videos on our social media programming. This feature is possible on Facebook and Hootsuite, and it is very necesarry, since visual content such as videos get the most engagement for our clients. This feature would make hubspot a more complete software, and it will facilitate Hubspot user's capabilities and it will avoid the hassle of having to program content both on Hubspot and other platforms such as: Facebook, Hootsuite, etc. 


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Andres Angulo

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This is by far my most important issue.  Video is dominant on social for us now, and it's a big problem that I can't schedule them ahead, as on other platforms.

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Agreed. Please could we have that feature. 


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Right now we have to go into Facebook to upload our MP4 videos for our posts because that's not possible through Hubspot. It would be great if we had the ability to do that from Hubspot's social platform than having to go into Facebook each time. 

Community Manager
Community Manager
updated to: In Beta

Hey all, thank you for you votes and comments. I'm pleased to announce on behalf of the product management team that Facebook video publishing is now In Beta. I will follow up soon with details of how you can be involved in this Beta Group. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

To follow up on the above ^ if anybody is interested in being part of this Beta group, could you please send me a private message with you full name, email and HUB ID. Thanks!

Community Manager
Community Manager
updated to: Delivered

I'm pleased to announce that HubSpot Social now supports video publishing to Facebook. All Marketing users can now upload video to Facebook via the HubSpot Social tool. This only works for Facebook. Click here to try it out in your portal. Once in HubSpot click compose > Facebook > video icon.

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You can find out more about this feature release here. Please comment below with any feedback, or to the Social Tools board if you have any techinical questions.