Possibility to open the chat window by using custom button/js

It could be nice to have a possibility to open/expand the chat window by clicking on a custom button. Plenty of people would like to have (and need) this option.


You can also see this topic: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/Content-Design-Questions/Chat-Messages-custom-button-open-chat-wind...

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This. So much this.

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Please make this a thing

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Yes! This would be an amazing feature to have. 

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+1. Really surprised this isn't a possibility...but then again...probably better to work on the ability to send images/attachments over chat first Smiley Surprised

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100% need this.


Drift is making a BIG deal out of this feature and all of the up coming chatbot providers also provide this.

I am surprised that HS didn't consider it yet

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I agree - we were going to test this with a Drift link, but now that HubSpot has the bot available, I would like to keep it all within the platform.

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I have also responded to a feature request about this feature here:


Please join the crowd and let's get some momentum behind this.

It would be a really valuable implementation!


Give it an upvote: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Possibility-to-open-the-chat-window-by-using-custom-b... 

Additionally, it could be done with custom code, so I have also posted on the dev forum, which is monitored by HubSpot employees and other users who are more able to work with custom situations: https://integrate.hubspot.com/t/open-the-chat-window-using-a-custom-button/11545


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Thanks Onur! Seems the search or my keywords sucked; I've thrown a vote in that one as well!

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+1 I really need this. All set to integrate, but cannot without this basic requirement.


Definitely, +1, would be cool to see if there is a betta for it!