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Possibility to make reports through “business hours”

When I do reports thinking about metrifying SLAs, we have a very long average response / closing time, given that when a chat is open on Saturdays, it is only closed on Monday. It would be very useful if we could create reports related only to "business hours" or also for other possibilities.

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Should defintely be available. It's hard to get accurate support team analytics on response time without this feature.


This really affect us in terms of reporting. I have to keep track on the side when something is opened and closed (which means i am doing Hubspots work). Being able to quickly segreate based on actual business hours would be very helpful. I miss my old ticketing system and wished I could go back. If Hubspot had this basic feature my work would be much less stressful.


Currently working on a proccesing time report and would like to have a feature that takes into account only business hours so I would be able to identify the time each teams works on a specific stage.



Agreed! Without this functionality, there's a discrepancy in our reporting because Hubspot DOES allow us to take business hours into account for setting an SLA. We set a 2 hour SLA response time within Hubspot and if I respond within 2 business hours of receiving a new conversation/ticket, Hubspot reports that I met the SLA. However, if the ticket arrives in my inbox at 3 a.m. and I don't respond until 10 a.m., the report shows that I took 7 hours to respond. Clicking on the ticket shows I met the SLA because our business hours start at 9 a.m., which means I really only took one hour to respond. While my primary goal is to meet the SLA, showing the average first response time to those outside of my support team makes it look like our average first response time is 7 hours, which is not reflective of our quality of service. 


Agreed! As the head of Customer Experience at my company, I need visibility into the first response time of our agents. It's great that we can identify an SLA based on business hours, but when this doesn't show up correctly in our reporting, I have no way to tell what the agents' actual response times are.


Without this functionality we are just measuring to inspect instead of measuring to learn!


My company really needs this. All reports that measure time should consider business hours. Looks like this was originally requested over a year ago. What kind of traction does it need to get onto HubSpot's product roadmap?


We kind of work around this by adding a caveat that any ticket responses greater than 8 hours are ignored from our reports. The only issue is then if someone opens a ticket where business hours start 7 hours later, we're still calculating the response time of 7 hours.  Kind of works to get an idea of what's happening, but not a great solution by any means.


This is a pretty standard function of any tool that represents any kind of service desk, this should be implemented as we have to build custom scripts to manage this requirement. Reporting SLAs during working hours is a must have! 


Received an email from hubsot support on this very query which directed me here.

To see that this thread is over 2 years old doesnt fill me with hope that this feature will be added anytime soon.
This is a completely necessary metric, to not have this functionality seems silly.



I also don't have hope that this will be actioned.


Business hours are a standard feature in most systems' premium plans. Seeing how this has been ignored for two years shows clearly where Hubspot's priorities are.

As we are getting more tickets every year it would have been important to collect acurate data, which is simply not possible without business hours. This is one of the reasons we consider changing sytems.


Yes, please...