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Possibility to filter tasks by team

It would be great if you could filter tasks by team. Filters by "All" and "User" work well, a small addition at this point would help a lot.

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The new Tasks Beta is great in providing a view of tasks for an assigned user (filtering by 'Tasks assigned to'), however it would be great to filter by teams as well. This will allow us to quickly view any outstanding tasks for the team to follow up on. 


Badly needed.  limit of 500 tasks in a task queue cripples the ability of a leader who manages high volume, i.e. call center, to see tasks by a team and do the needful.


I'll add here: When creating reports, the inability to filter by a team makes scaling with hubspot a big challenge. 

Example: I want to create an activity report for Team A. 

Currently my only option is to filter by Activity Created By and select each team member individually. I'd rather select Team A. Where this gets really annoying is when you have turnover/hire new reps for Team A. Currently I will have to go in and update every single report instead of simply updating who is in Team A and now all those reports are correct again.