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Possibility to disable automatic association to deals

We have set up integration of Hubspot CRM with Gmail.


If one of my colleagues emails a contact, this email is automatically associated with the last X open deals where this contact is connected to.


For us this does not make sense at all. Let me give an example:


Company ABC has 10 deals running with us. 5 of those 10 deals are associated with contact Jeff.


If one of my colleagues now sends an email to Jeff about a warranty issue totally unrelated to any of these 10 or 5 deals Hubspot automatically associates this email with the last X open deals associated with Jeff.


I don't even see when this automatic association would make sense? 


So I vote for have an option to disable this automatic deal association asap. 


At this moment our CRM is a total mess because of this and that is the opposite of what I wanted to achieve with this CRM.

HubSpot Updates
November 24, 2020 11:20 AM

This update is out now to all Chrome Extension customers- you are able to decide default object associations in the settings ( as well as specific associations per email ( 


We are now working on bringing this functionality to O365 and Windows Desktop, please let me know if you have any questions or feedback! 

April 06, 2020 12:19 PM

Hello Kjell,


We are still in planning for O365 and Outlook on Desktop. I will updatet here when we have a clearer timeline.




In Beta
March 12, 2020 11:52 AM

I'm glad to be able to reach out today with an update that we will be ready soon to go to beta for this in Gmail. Thank you for all of your feedback and patience. Please fill out the form here to be included in the beta and I will reach out.

March 03, 2020 06:58 AM

Hello everyone,


My apologies about the delay- I understand this is painful for our customers workflow. We have been working on this feature for Gmail and we are approaching beta soon in early Q2 if not sooner. I will post here when we are at that stage and in the meantime, I am happy to talk to anyone.



October 25, 2019 08:56 AM

We hear the pain on this issue and are continuing to work on this. I will update this thread again as we get sooner to a specific release date.


If there is anyone that would like to chat, please let me know and I will set up a time! 

In Planning
August 28, 2019 02:41 PM

Thank you for the feedback and suggestions! 


We are currently investigating a solution to this and I appreciate the solutions discussed in this thread. We understand this is causing a painful experience in the CRM and if anyone would like to chat with me about their use case, please send me a message and I will schedule some time. 


Keep an eye out for further updates here as we investigate. Thank you! 

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Good that this works for gmail now, making that usable. But we must see this also in hubspots email feature. It really creates utter chaos at the moment


I hope you are still working on fixing this issue, because we are having a very similar situation, over 3 years after this idea was first created, and 1.5 years after Flora's last update about it...


Our problem is that we have contacts that are "Selling Partners". They have a primary company and then are associated with several deals in several other companies. We DO NOT WANT contacts timeline activities to be carried between deals! It makes a mess for regular contacts that are associated with only 1 company, but it's a complete disaster for those Selling Partners that can be associated with a large number of unrelated deals/companies. 


At the least, we need the option to CHOOSE whether or not we want to include the contact's timeline activities when we associate him/her with an existing deal. It is possible to choose whether to associate the activities history (30/60/90 days) during the deal creation process, so why not when associating a contact to an existing deal? That would be extremely helpful.


Thank you for considering this request as soon as possible.


Has there been a resolution to this issue yet? We have run into the same problem in using the Deal feature. It makes our system a mess and the Conversations, Deals, and Tickets feature almost unusable whenever you have customers that are associated with multiple Deals.

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Note that you can now manually associate and disassociate records from both Gmail and Outlook - however, we find for many of our clients this is too manual- We have built an external script to HubSpot that can associate and disassociate activities based on various business rules - e.g. associate if the content includes the record ID - if you are keen on something similar please send us a message via


@JenBerenguer Whats changed, striuggling rto see any difference.. Thanks

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@JWatson0 this thread was initially about Gmail. I just added the updates for Microsoft too


Its still accociating any reply with all deals in Microsoft 365, it makes its a pain to manage activity on deals. I wondered if its to do with inbox automation?


We really need the ability to remove automatic deal associations in Hubspot, not just Gmail. All the support emails, calls, notes, etc. are automatically logging against the deal and creating an absolute nightmare for the Sales team. Being able to turn off this automatic association is a no-brainer

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We have created a micro app to support this requirement as we have had so many requests for it, we can enable on your portal and configure your disassociation rules if anyone needs support - note there is a small monthly license for this


We have ended disconnecting the calander for everyone, it was too much of a pain to deal with. There benifits of not capturing this outweigh the nightmare of dealing with it. Hopefully Hubspot will sort this or give us some logic or even the Hubspot button in meeting requests in Outlook


We are desperate for this to happen too, for O365.

We have multiple teams using tickets and pipelines - and every email is automatically associated to contacts, those cc'd, the company, deals, ticket... everything! 

There is so much information cluttering up the system, we can't get to the what we need.

It's not easy to remember to find and deselect the association options - and even when we do, sometimes that means deselecting about 25 boxes.

If the associations could just link to one thing and then we manually choose to add what we want.


I’d like to learn more about this please.

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This is sorely needed for Outlook as well and O365!


This applies for any activity, which means it also affect notes. So if I create a simple note (!!!) it automatically associates with the 5 latest open deals. That note could be about anything – completely unrelated to the associated deals.

To make sure I don’t swarm these deals with unrelated notes and other activities, I have to take extra steps. People won’t have the time and energy to do this every single time so in the end people will just stop caring about creating notes (or any other acitivty) – which leads to us missing out on important information in our CRM.

I honestly have no idea why this behaviour would be useful at all and why it’s not optional – seems completely idiotic.


I have now again failed to escalate that to hubspot. They are unwilling to listen, giving poor excuses that it would be so super complex to fix this bug (in their world we are talking about a feature request). I cannot see where it is complex, just remove that stupid "feature" alltogether in the first place I'd say.

Also the reply was that there is no further commercial escalation possible, no way to get that fixed for money.

I'm super disappointed, we will now look into migrating away from hubspot.


It might help if we spam them with support requests on that one, but given the response I got I've little trust on that.


So, it has been several years since a lot of people agree that this is a stupid algorithm. Appreciate it that you fixed it for gmail users, but what about the rest of us that use O365 and Outlook. It is a pain to manage these misassociations and one of the reasons I have started researching Salesforce.


YES--- Please stop the auto association to deals, it makes no sense, and creates a mess


Does anyone know if there is a setting we can turn off in Hubspot to stop this from happening.  I am getting a lot of complaints from the BDMs in relation to this auto-association.