Possibility to disable automatic association to deals

We have set up integration of Hubspot CRM with Gmail.


If one of my colleagues emails a contact, this email is automatically associated with the last X open deals where this contact is connected to.


For us this does not make sense at all. Let me give an example:


Company ABC has 10 deals running with us. 5 of those 10 deals are associated with contact Jeff.


If one of my colleagues now sends an email to Jeff about a warranty issue totally unrelated to any of these 10 or 5 deals Hubspot automatically associates this email with the last X open deals associated with Jeff.


I don't even see when this automatic association would make sense? 


So I vote for have an option to disable this automatic deal association asap. 


At this moment our CRM is a total mess because of this and that is the opposite of what I wanted to achieve with this CRM.

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I must join Bart in getting this disable function. As it even get worse.


We started emailing from HubSpot in the hope we could avoid most of Bart's problems but Hubspot makes it even a bigger problem for us.


Here is what we experience:


When I reply on a deal to X in Hubspot. Hubspot does associate the right deal and company to X (so no association is made outside of the deal). When X replies to me and he places Y and Z in CC ate any given time in our communication. Hubspot will associate 5 objects with Y and Z.  This makes no sense at all and creates a complete mess. 


If I mail to contact X about what he wants to eat for lunch next week (and I mail from Hubspot on the contact page, not in a deal or Ticket) I have to unlink all the deals related to this person. If I forget this Hubspot will make sure we know in each deal what X will have for lunch.


If we mail from Gmail the problem of Bart comes into place. 


This made it hard to work on a proper timeline on deals or contacts.

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I'm jumping on this train as well.  We are having the same situation where ONE Contact is associated with multiple internal users. When a user here emails the contact it auto-associates the email to ALL the Open-Deals associated with that contact, when in reality it only applys to one deal, or maybe not any deals.  It's an inconvenience to have to go back through the activity feed and dis-associated all of deals from the emails. And an even bigger invconvenience when my users question me 100XXX a day regarding this.

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We would love to have this feature removed! It can take us up to an hour to remove irrelevant PO's from a deal chain, and not associated emails, all because a contact has emailed in or we have emailed them.  It is a nightmare!!

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This needs to be fixed immediately. The key to a good CRM is keeping it clean and organized and this creates such a mess. Associating contact emails with the last 5 deals makes no sense. You should be able to select exactly where and what you want an email associated with.

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Hi Hubspot,


We are dying here in the CRM, I have spent hours and hours cleaning up the mess. Now it was clean and I wanted to keep it this way. So we only mail from Hubspot and that helps when mailing on the right location. (In a deal, it stays in the deal).


The problem keeps popping up when a contact sends a new email to me. I have to reply him from gmail/outlook, ... 

As there is no mention of this mail in Hubspot yet. When I do so it gets assigned all over the place.



HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Thank you for the feedback and suggestions! 


We are currently investigating a solution to this and I appreciate the solutions discussed in this thread. We understand this is causing a painful experience in the CRM and if anyone would like to chat with me about their use case, please send me a message and I will schedule some time. 


Keep an eye out for further updates here as we investigate. Thank you! 

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HI Flora,


Great to hear this is moving, as we need this!

Contact me to chat please!

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Hi Flora

Yes, please. We have a customer getting crazy about this issue. It's really bad. If you send out an email from a deal to a contact, the reply should end up again in this deal and not in all the other active deals of this contact. I don't know probabely it would be an idea to personalize the bcc address with the deal id? Just an idea. 

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Flora!!
It is a real mess and actually can't be that problematic as Salesforce has a solution for it as well. 

Hope the HubSpot-Team will fix it soon Smiley Happy


Thanks in advance

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We had a meeting with the product managers from Hubspot and they will give us a timeline in one month about the options on solving this.

I still find it very strange that so little people are complaining about this as it makes the whole CRM absolute