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Possibility to disable automatic association to deals

We have set up integration of Hubspot CRM with Gmail.


If one of my colleagues emails a contact, this email is automatically associated with the last X open deals where this contact is connected to.


For us this does not make sense at all. Let me give an example:


Company ABC has 10 deals running with us. 5 of those 10 deals are associated with contact Jeff.


If one of my colleagues now sends an email to Jeff about a warranty issue totally unrelated to any of these 10 or 5 deals Hubspot automatically associates this email with the last X open deals associated with Jeff.


I don't even see when this automatic association would make sense? 


So I vote for have an option to disable this automatic deal association asap. 


At this moment our CRM is a total mess because of this and that is the opposite of what I wanted to achieve with this CRM.

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This update is out now to all Chrome Extension customers- you are able to decide default object associations in the settings ( as well as specific associations per email ( 


We are now working on bringing this functionality to O365 and Windows Desktop, please let me know if you have any questions or feedback! 


This is a significant issue for us as well, and we have thousands of associations that are incorrect. I'm not sure that the chrome extension fixes the issue either. Any other updates or potential fixes, please share!


This is causing us significant issues as well (Office 365). Is there a date on when this will be available for Office 365?

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Really hoping that HubSpot will release the same Beta Gmail features for Outlook - but even better, allow a manual bcc like almost all other CRM, Helpdesk and Work Management platforms have, e.g. {portalid}+{objectid} - will a panel displayed on each object with the BCC reference - this would make life significantly easier and would also allow far simpler integration to capture communications from 3rd party platforms.


However, we have also now built a script as a workaround to this as it was such a critical factor for our clients.

The script will disassociate any emails from Tickets and Deals where the email was not sent from HubSpot or Gmail.

If the email includes the Ticket or Deal ID in the subject line or contents it will not be disassociated

There are also a few other rules to support other use cases

We are currently testing this on our first Enterprise client


Please reach out via if you would like to learn more


Hi @e_badajos Check out this idea here:

It is now in planning for O365 Add-In per the HubSpot Product Team. Follow this thread as they will post again when it's in Beta. 


This is a very important update in the HubSpot usability. Thanks for releasing for Chrome/Gmail.

I'm very excited waiting for O365 realease.


Good luck!




Hi @Flora 

I hope you don't mind me reaching out to you directly, but I think you may be able to help or at least offer an update.


We joined HubSpot around 10 months ago and since joining we've been unable to fully use HS as a true CRM, the issue we have is around the automatic association of emails to deals.


For example, we have a single main point of contact at most of our customers and those customers place multiple orders with us which exist in various stages of the Sales Funnel. As an email from/to the contact is sent/received its automatically attached to a random five deals where that contact is listed.

This causes emails that are about a single specific deal to be attached to other deals that it doesn't relate to causing user confusion and delay.....and I just can't understand why you would want this to happen anyway.


As a result, we can't use the email portion of HS for fear of messing up the deals section, we're left having to create manual notes to record important information to the relevant deals and or contacts - not exactly how any CRM should be used.


I'm keen to use the full HS email functionality and I've seen some comments from you about a potential future fix, we use the desktop client O365 with the HS add-in.


What would be great, would be the ability to choose which Deal an email should be attached to but as a minimum just not auto attaching to any Deals automatically would be a massive step forward and allow us to use HS as intended.


Any help, advice or information you could offer would be very much welcomed.


Many thanks in advance,



Looking forward to see this implemented in Office 365 (Outlook Desktop)

I have multiple deals with the same company and the activities streams get all mixed up - quite a mess





If your still waiting for a fix, it was released in Feb 2021 under a different post


And it looks like it works very very well!

We will need to uninstall the outlook add-in and reinstall to get the latest version.




Any updates on the Outlook update?


@Scollinsdesacc do you know if there's a way to prevent calendar appointments from auto associating to deals? The settings in the add in prevent emails from auto associating to all deals (which is great) but we still have an issue where calendar is auto syncing to all deals and I can't find how to change that. 


Ok, I’m yet to have that issue…….so sadly can’t comment but I haven’t seen anything in the settings.


which "settings in the add in" are you reffering to, where we can shut off
the auto associating of mails to all Deals?

Would love an answer, since this is something that drives me crazy, tbh!


Any updates on when this will be solved for the Outlook Desktop Add-in? I can't find any articles on how to not auto-associate deals using that add-in. 




Yes please Hubspot, create a feature to allow us to see all activties or not !

Hi, we work in the B2B area and have various deals with customers. If every email, every meeting assigns the last deals, then unfortunately we have total chaos in our CRM. Colleagues in operational sales lose interest in working with HubSpot.



This was fixed in Feb last year!

You need to uninstall the outlook add-in and install the new version.


Works really well now.... you get to choose which records it associates with.

It works via this setting for outgoing mail. Unfortunately not with the activities within Hubspot. Even with sequences, Hubspot grabs the latest deals. The problem has not been solved, customer service confirmed this to me on February 1st, 2022.


Hi all, we too have hit a wall with this, Gráinne in support was very helpful, but stated;


I'm afraid we cannot stop the automatic association from happening, though we can remove the association post-task-creation from the records, by hovering over the task on any record, and unchecking the boxes for the records to disassociate - as outlined here.


I appreciate this may not be the ideal outcome here. Many users have been talking about this feature and in this HubSpot Community Post, you can see that the idea to remove the automation for outlook is in process. I would recommend for you to upvote or comment on the idea as the feedback reaches our product team directly! The more traction this receives with specific use cases the more likely the team will put them in place for future updates. You can also “follow” the thread to be alerted of any updates directly from the Product team. I’ll send it along internally as well to give it some added traction on our internal end.


I am thinking about disabling the calander sync until this is sorted, it make for impossible deal management as any meeting request is logged to every deal that every connect is connected to. Hopefully Hubspot will implement a similar concept to the way email logging works or at least turn off the option for auto association to the deal.