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Possibility to disable automatic association to deals

We have set up integration of Hubspot CRM with Gmail.


If one of my colleagues emails a contact, this email is automatically associated with the last X open deals where this contact is connected to.


For us this does not make sense at all. Let me give an example:


Company ABC has 10 deals running with us. 5 of those 10 deals are associated with contact Jeff.


If one of my colleagues now sends an email to Jeff about a warranty issue totally unrelated to any of these 10 or 5 deals Hubspot automatically associates this email with the last X open deals associated with Jeff.


I don't even see when this automatic association would make sense? 


So I vote for have an option to disable this automatic deal association asap. 


At this moment our CRM is a total mess because of this and that is the opposite of what I wanted to achieve with this CRM.

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Just realised it is now auto-associating previously scheduled, unrelated, tasks with newly created deals which makes zero sense at all. 


Have Hubspot responded to this since October? 


Hi HubSpot,


I am getting embarrassed in your place. No one is giving us feedback or updates. You customer base is complaining and you are just ignoring this.



A very frustrated HubSpot user 

HubSpot Product Team

Hello everyone,


My apologies about the delay- I understand this is painful for our customers workflow. We have been working on this feature for Gmail and we are approaching beta soon in early Q2 if not sooner. I will post here when we are at that stage and in the meantime, I am happy to talk to anyone.




Hi @Flora ,


Thank you for replying to this topic.

I do not understand how HUBSPOT can be so slow and NOT customer orientated.


Can we get a better date then just Q2 about when we could start BETA testing.
I would love to volunteer for the beta testing.




HubSpot Product Team

I'm glad to be able to reach out today with an update that we will be ready soon to go to beta for this in Gmail. Thank you for all of your feedback and patience. Please fill out the form here to be included in the beta and I will reach out.


Hi Flora,

That's very nice  for all Gmail users.

Do you have an update for when you expect the Office365/Outlook solution to be ready for beta as well? The chaos in our system is growing every day...



HubSpot Product Team

Hello Kjell,


We are still in planning for O365 and Outlook on Desktop. I will updatet here when we have a clearer timeline.





I'm shocked this is not a feature already available. Having come from other CRM's this is commonplace. 


The fact that I cannot have more than one deal open with contact and segregate emails and activity by the associated deal is a mess. 


Worse off, the only solution is to delete the emails/activity altogether and replace them with a note?


@hubspot Please get this sorted out for your Office 365 users ASAP. 


We have the same issue, but with O365 Inbox. We have Deals that are getting tons of unrelated emails automatically associated with them, causing confusion and a ton of wasted time manually dissassociating those activities for our Sales and Oboarding teams. We're LOSING SO MUCH PRODUCTIVITY AND TIME DUE TO THIS!


Please also allow this feature to disable automatic associations for all Inbox types, including O365.




Hi Hubspot,


Is there any news on this front?

Not only it would be nice to avoid association when creating deals or tickets but also to reverse when an deal or ticket has been created.

We are several people working on the CRM and now the thread under deals or ticket is difficult to follow, there is a lot of emails not related to the deal/ticket that should not be there.





Automatically associating old emails to new deals is Asinine.  Please make the default NOT to do this.....

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What is the status for office 365 beta? 


Where does this stand? We need a resolution to this problem, more specifically for Outlook/Office 365. Our deals are turning into big messes with unrelated emails being associated to them...


Has anyone here found a workaround to handle that huge mess (or at least to reduce the mess), maybe by API or an automation? 


Would be a big relieve if we get a solution, 2020.


I also have an issue with auto-association to deals. Please find a fix as this is comingling communications across all the deals that I have for a particular contact. For instance, Client A has 5 orders ( aka deals)  with me but they are to 5 different customers of theirs. My communications per deal is distinct and I should not see all my communications from Client A across the 5 deals which is currently the problem. In essence, I have the same email thread 5-times!!! And clicking to disassociate is not only time-consuming, but it also doesn't work all the time. It's occurred often that I'll find those emails recently disassociated back on the inappropriate deal thread.  HELP!!!  My main email communication is via outlook and I also Hubspot integration enabled.


We're a new user.. we're having a nightmare with this issue. It's taking hours of time up having to go and clean up deals, disconnecting irrelevant emails AND tasks, AND notes. HS seems to automatically connect tasks created in any given deal to an organisation, so if you go and create a new deal for that same organisation, all the tasks, emails etc. wll appear in that new deal BUT are actually not relevant.


I have created four new deals today... it took me an extra 45 minutes to go through them all and disconnect irrelevant tasks, emails etc. 


This is already a nightmare for us in terms of the time it is taking up to keep deals clean and we having only started using it.


Is there not a way in which we can set our default account to NOT automatically assume, when creating a email or task, that there is a connection to a company or person or deal? If the task or email is being created on a deal, then it should be on that DEAL only, unless we select to connect it anywhere else??


I see that we can do this ourselves if we remember to uncheck the boxes when creating tasks and sending emails, but the default should be that it does NOT connect itself to a person or company (and the sales person can choose otherwise if need be). 


This is all the wrong way around. 


Any help or advice anyone?


Same issue over here. Our work around is to create/send the email directly from the Deal in the CRM. That will keep the email associated only with that one Deal and corresponding contacts. 


We are very much in need of the Oultlook Add-in Option to choose which Deal the outgoing email is associated with. 


My company uses outlook, is there an updated timeline available for when this might roll out to beta?




My client is experiencing the same issue. Partner Relationships with Partner on multiple deals - all emails from all folks getting associated to all deals -- need the ability to disable please or customize. 

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We are working on an API based integration for a couple of our clients - this will disassociate emails from tickets and deals where the source is unknown (appears to be the default for email from Outlook) unless the ticket or deal ID is included in the subject line, e.g. (#1234567).


Would be keen to hear if anyone sees any issues with this approach as we are still trying to work through a few use and edge cases.


Also if anyone would be interested in this if we get it working?