Possibility to deactivate HubSpot default Subscription Type (Other communications/Sales Email)

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I really like the new solution of subscription types and GDPR settings.

But there is one small issue I would like to adress and hope for a solution.
The HubSpot Default Subscription Type "Other Communication HubSpot Default" (in the settings - in the Preference Page it goes under the name "Sales Email | One to One").

Since not all HubSpot users are useing Sales Emails I think it's a crucial functionality to be able to deactivate (or at least rename) this subscription type.


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Addition regarding launch of Service Hub: It should also be possible to deactivate the default property for service emails.

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Yes I totaly agree, very enoying that all our customer has to se that option and it's not possible to even translate it correctly. 

Please change this behavior.

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HubSpot Product Team

This functionality is live in the HubSpot product as we support the ability to archive default subscription types for all three hubs (marketing information, one:one, and feedback/customer service communication).


Because these subscription types are internally used by HubSpot tools (for example, being able to unsubscribe from one:one emails sent from the CRM), they will be reactivated if you use the tool they are connected to. In the event you are not using that tool, then the types will remain archived and no longer appear on your preferences page.