Possibility to copy an existing landing page into an A/B test

It is not possible to create an A/B landing page (LP) test where the B-test can be copied from an existing LP that has a different look and feel but mostly the same content.

I remember something like from working with MailChimp emails, but in this case it would be to copy  a different (existing) LP and put it next to the A-test to compare A and B on conversion.


So we would be testing the entire LP to see which one converts better based on look and feel.


But trying to copy an existing LP into an already started A/B test is not possible! Please make this possible!  It's time consuming to carry the information from the existing LP into slot B. I'd like to avoide this.


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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

This is an important idea -- would save time and allow changes without having to recreate the data!

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This would be a good feature. I'm recreating a page now and it seems like a waste of time for a page that is already created.