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Position title for employee

It would be nice to be able to add your position title as an employee of the company using Hubspot. 

1- When you create a Team it would help people in this team know who is what.

2- When you send email from upspot it only say your name which in my eye make it less professional then your full information like phone number, title of your position in the company, etc.

3- It's the first time I see a CRM that dosent allow to add a position title for the employee.


I think it's a pretty easy one to add. What do you think ?

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I agree, one of my clients has over 500 users in their portal. Obviously I only know a small percentage of those people but indeed it would be handy to see what position they have within the company. For smaller companies this is less relevant but for large enterprises this is definitely useful. 

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I think adding job title for users would be helpful internally.


I'm a little confused about item 2 - where it only says your name, you can add your signature to your emails and you can also edit your from name if you want it to include more details. How are you imagining the new user job title to be incorporated into an email?